He can't get no satisfaction! All the women Rolling Stones Mick Jagger has dated or married

Mick Jagger is currently dating Melanie Hamrick, and while the pair has been together for four years, the singer has had a long list of lovers

                            He can't get no satisfaction! All the women Rolling Stones Mick Jagger has dated or married

Mick Jagger has managed to win our hearts over the years with his music and along with it, he might have broken a couple of hearts as well. Always known as the ladies man,  the 'Let It Bleed' singer has had a long list of lovers in the past. Jagger started his career in the 1960s and immediately after leaving his school, he joined The Rolling Stones band. Little did he know that his life was going to be very different from then on.

It was hard for someone not to notice Jagger as his look and personality seemed to be very different from others on stage. While some might say he was trying to be a rebel, in his view, he was just being himself. Jagger's personality of not being afraid to show who he is and letting it all go on stage was what made the girls fall for him. Here's looking at all the women that Jagger has ever been with.

1. Marianne Faithfull


Marianne Faithful and Mick Jagger dated from 1966 to 1970, as reported by Ultimate Classic Rock. Jagger and Faithfull's relationship was in the spotlight all the time. Especially after Jagger wrote the song 'As tears go by' along with Keith Richards, for her. While the two initially seemed to be going strong, things started to crumble between them when various scandals came to light. Right from drug addictions to news about infidelity, the relationship between Faithfull and Jagger hit rock bottom.

2. Anita Pallenberg


Anita Pallenberg and Mick Jagger started seeing each other when she was still dating Keith Richard. The two met while shooting for the movie 'Performance'. While they tried to keep their relationship away from the eyes of everyone, the truth about their relationship was disclosed by Richard in his autobiography 'Life'.  Although the pair managed to keep quiet about the relationship, it was a short-lived romance. 

3. Marsha Hunt


Marsha Hunt and Mick Jagger had their relationship in 1969. During this time, Jagger was still with Faithfull. It was with Hunt that Jagger welcomed his first child, a daughter named Karis. While the relationship between Jagger and Hunt did not stand the test of time, Hunt was determined to get financial aid from the singer for their daughter. It was a bitter battle which lasted for a long time. Fighting for it in the court throughout the 70s, Hunt managed to win the case in 1979.

4. Bianca Perez-Mora


Bianca and Mick Jagger met at a party and soon the two felt that they had found the person they had been looking for. A year after dating each other, the pair decided to tie the knot in 1971. During this time, Bianca was also pregnant with the pair's daughter, Jade. While it had looked like Jagger was finally going to settle down, seven years after their marriage, the couple broke the news that they will be parting ways. In 1979, the pair filed for divorce and in the documents, Bianca sited Jagger's affair with Jerry Hall as the reason for the end of their marriage.

5. Jerry Hall 


In late 1977, Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall started dating. Their relationship was the reason Jagger divorced Bianca. The pair soon moved in together and everything seemed to be going well. They even has four children together, Elizabeth Scarlett (1984), James Leroy (1985), Georgia May (1992), and Gabriel Luke (1997). The two decided to marry each other and without putting much thought into it, got married in Bali in a Hindu ceremony. However, the wedding was considered to be invalid because the pair did not have the necessary papers to prove that they were married. The couple soon called it off in the year 1999. 

6. Carla Bruni


Carla Bruni and Mick Jagger dated from 1991 to 1994. However, their relationship was not hidden from Jerry Hall who intervened with the hope of ending the affair. The pair continued to date but finally called it quits after two years.

7. Luciana Gimenez


Luciana Gimenez and Mick Jagger started dating when he was still with Jerry Hall. While Hall had tried to save her relationship in the past, this time, it was the last straw for her. The news about their relationship came to light when it was found that Luciana gave birth to a son, Lucas Maurice. The DNA test proved that Jagger was the father of the child. Two months after the results came out, Hall and Jagger ended their relationship. 

8. L'Wren Scott


Mick Jagger met L'Wren Scott in 2001 and the two dated until she took her life in 2014. Scott left her estate in the name of the singer and in her honor, Jagger set up the L'Wren Scott scholarship at London's Central Saint Martins College.

9. Melanie Hamrick


Melanie Hamrick and Mick Jagger have been dating since 2014. The two connected with each other when Melanie reached out to Jagger after the death of Scott. A couple of months after this, the pair were spotted enjoying a romantic date together. The couple is proud parents of their son, Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger, who was born on December 8, 2016.

10. Noor Alfallah


The rumors about Mick Jagger dating Noor Alfallah emerged in October last year. It is believed that the pair met each other in Paris during The Rolling Stones 'No Filter' tour in October 2017. Various reports suggested that the duo had hooked up for quite some time during his tour. Some people even raised questions about their relationship because of the age gap between the couple. While neither of them confirmed the romance rumors, it has been reported that Alfallah has already moved on to be with billionaire Nicolas Berggruen.