WWJ anchor Jim Matthews murder case: Killer knew victim's girlfriend 'pretty well'

According to family members, the suspect was ‘welcomed into the home’ hours before and waited for Matthews to be back at his property

WWJ anchor Jim Matthews murder case: Killer knew victim's girlfriend 'pretty well'
WWJ-AM news anchor Jim Matthews was brutally murdered at his home by suspect Arthur Williamson (Facebook, Michigan Department of Corrections)

CHESTERFIELD, MICHIGAN: WWJ-AM anchor Jim Matthews' alleged killer knew his girlfriend Nichole Guertin, "closely," and had been waiting for Matthew's to return from work. The news anchor was found dead at his home in Chesterfield Township on Friday, September 23. The suspect has been identified as Arthur Williamson, 55, for murdering Matthew.
According to family members, the suspect was "welcomed into the home" hours before and waited for Matthew to be back at his property. Matthews' "on-off girlfriend" Guertin, 35, had miraculously managed to escape the property, even with multiple stabbings and being gagged and bound along with her 5-year-old daughter Rosie.



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Matthews' s girlfriend with Guertin with her two kids. (Facebook)
JIm Matthews' girlfriend Nichole Guertin with her two children Rosie and Hunter (Facebook)


Their son, Hunter, suffered serious injuries and was hit with a hammer and bound, and went through the brain and ear surgery in hospital. As per the GoFundMe page, "Hunter is now able to move both sides of his body after successful surgery on his neck."
"It's someone that Nichole knew. I know that he knew Nichole pretty well. It's really disturbing,” said the children's aunt Pammy Healy. She said, “The family were in shock and were trying to get ready for when the children returned home.” Family members also revealed that mother Nichole is now in a stable condition, and daughter Rosie remaining "normal and happy" despite what all happened in front of her. Presently, both kids are being looked after by their other aunt, Ashley Quigley.
“Where they lived was the nicer part of the town. Rosie is doing amazing. After the things that happened to her, I'm so thankful that she isn't quite old enough to understand it. She's in a chipper mood and ready to go see auntie Ashley,” Healy continued. “Ashley now has guardianship of Hunter and Rosie, we're hoping that's long term.”
Matthews's brother Joe Nicholai reacted to the incident saying, “There is no motive, I don't know why [the suspect] was in the house. I talked to the lead investigator, and my brother probably came home to this. He comes home about 5:30 in the morning and was probably surprised and attacked.”
“I believe that Hunter the 10-year-old was trying to fight off this man that was attacking and trying to kill his father, and that's how Hunter ended up injured and tied and put into a closet,” he added. According to the Michigan Department of Corrections, Williamson has a criminal profile with at least 8 previous convictions, including kidnapping and assault with intent to commit murder.


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