Michelle Obama's Christmas visit to children's hospital was way more fun than Melania Trump's similar outing

Michelle Obama gets down and boogies with a 14-year-old patient who shows her some of the current popular dance moves!

                            Michelle Obama's Christmas visit to children's hospital was way more fun than Melania Trump's similar outing

On Thursday, First Lady Melania Trump and her predecessor Michelle Obama visited different children's hospitals to spread some Christmas cheer, and it was evident to anyone who witnessed both the events as to who scored more on the fun factor. 

While Trump visited Children's National Hospital in Washington D.C., former first lady Obama surprised patients and staff at the Children's Hospital Colorado. Fifty four-year-old Michelle spread a lot of joy and cheer and was even joined by Santa Claus at the Colorado hospital.

Michelle also read out the holiday classic 'The Night Before Christmas' to the children while on her visit. A 14-year-old patient Emma Jones asked Michelle what her favorite dance move was, a question which Obama struggled to answer.

She then revealed that she did not know how to do the very common and popular dance move 'the floss' when Emma got up and confidently showed her the dance moves. 


Emma did the 'floss' and the 'orange justice' dance moves which are from the popular video game 'Fortnite'. Michelle looked very festive and sported a red pantsuit which was designed by Eudon Choi. Being the good sport that she is, Michelle even stood up and tried out the dance move. As reported by DailyMail, the Santa Claus who accompanied her said, "Mrs. Claus says I cannot dance," before joining Michelle in the dance. 

Obama clearly overshadowed Melania Trump's public appearance which took place earlier on that day where she was seen reading to children at the Children's National Hospital in Washington D.C.

Melania read out 'Oliver the Ornament' to around 24 children and was seen in a festive red and white coat along with a pair of red and white candy cane pattern stilettos.

Melania Trump reading to children (Source: Getty Images)
Melania Trump reading to children (Source: Getty Images)

Melania's favorability ratings have completely dropped in the last two months. Her favorability was around 54% in October. However, according to a new poll by CNN, the number has now dropped to around 43%. The poll concluded that the biggest decrease has been seen amongst liberals and white college-graduates which have slipped by 17% each. 

The President of the United States has been able to maintain his popularity at a steady 40%. During the month of May, last year, Melania's popularity rating was soaring and she had around 57% people who polled favoring her.

In comparison to this, Michelle Obama's popularity has been peaking ever since the release of her memoir 'Becoming' and also her national book tour. First lady Melania Trump's hospital reading continues in a tradition of 60 years where every first lady since Bess Truman has visited the hospital.

The Children's National Live decided to stream the book reading to every room in the hospital for all those who could not attend to see or hear the first lady read. Around two dozen children who are patients listened to the story. The children were aged from toddlers to pre-teens.