'AGT' finalist ARRESTED: Michael Ketterer, who once bowled over Simon Cowell with his story, charged with domestic violence

Season 13 finalist Michael Ketterer was reportedly arrested on charges of somestic violence after he got into a fight with his wife Ivey.

                            'AGT' finalist ARRESTED: Michael Ketterer, who once bowled over Simon Cowell with his story, charged with domestic violence

Just a day after emerging as the fifth finalist on 'America’s Got Talent,' Michael Ketterer found himself in a bad place with the law. The 41-year-old singer was taken into custody after he reportedly got into a fight with his wife on Thursday, September 20. The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed the news and said that he had to be taken into custody at around 3:45 pm in Hollywood.

A public information officer reportedly also said that Ketterer was released after posting a hefty bail amount of $50,000. TMZ reported that he harmed his wife Ivey leaving her visibly bruised. She was reportedly seen with a red mark on herself. 

Ketterer called the arrest a "misunderstanding." He added that it happened in the hotel room that they were staying in and that Ivey wasn't interested in pressing charges against him. TMZ also obtained a video that shows him in custody outside of the hotel he was arrested at. He can be seen in the car as the officers of the law question him and take down notes. 

Ketterer wasn't the ultimate fan favorite on the talent show either. 'AGT' fans were livid when he finished as the top 5 and were outspoken about his win. Some believed that he only won because of his backstory. The singer is from Knoxville, Tenessee and had pulled on heartstrings after revealing that he and his wife Ivey had six kids, five of whom the two had adopted from foster care.

His big heart had bowled over the audience and the judges. He had even got to Simon Cowell who is known to be picky - so much so that Simon decided to hit the Golden Buzzer. The Golden Buzzer takes talent straight to the live shows from the auditions. Out of all the judges, Simon seemed very taken by his story.

One fan said after the finalist announcement, "Michael Ketterer seems like a good dude that's helped a lot of ppl, but that's not what this show is about. It's 'America's Got Talent,' not America's Got Good People. His voice is good, but without his story, he wouldn't be this far.... #AGT."

The show was also accused of being "rigged" after Michael finished 5th. "So #AGT is rigged. Michael Ketterer could not have gotten 5th. There is no way. And I don’t understand how Courtney Hadwin could have not been in the top 5. I say we revolt. rt if you’ll revolt with me. #AGTFinale #AGTLIVE #AmericasGotTalent," another tweet said.