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Is 'Batman Beyond' movie starring Michael Keaton in the works? Fans are 'wishing, hoping' speculations come true

Speculations of a 'Batman Beyond' film started trending after it was announced that Keaton and Robert Pattinson will play the role of the Dark Knight in separate WB films in 2022
Michael Keaton (Getty Images)
Michael Keaton (Getty Images)

That Michael Keaton was returning to play Batman was old news but in recent developments, it was announced that Keaton and Robert Pattinson will play the role of the Dark Knight in separate WB films in 2022. It was also reported that Ben Affleck would reprise his role as Batman one last time in the same year. Leading us to the question: Is a live-action 'Batman Beyond' movie in the works?

A New York Times interview with President of DC Films, Walter Hamada said that DC films will now make an attempt of the multiverse concept in their upcoming films. While this concept has already been explored in the Arrowverse shows on TV, the fact that a project of this magnitude is being tried for on the big screen is exciting news for comicbook fans and Batman aficionados. This piece of news started trending heavily on social media after Times reported Brooks Barnes confirmed the details to film critic, Néstor Bentancor of Desde Hollywood on Twitter.

"Based on your Hamada piece, some have interpreted that WB is doing two franchises starring Batman, one with Pattinson, one with a new actor," Bentancor asked Barnes "Is that correct, or you were referring to Keaton as a second Batman, being part of a non-Batman-centric saga?" The response read: "Keaton." 


Keaton and Affleck will reprise their role in 'The Flash', the next big project that WB has been releasing droplets of information about. According to CNet, Keaton will be back with the role he played in 1989 and 1992 and the flick will address what happened to the character since he last played the role. The rumor mills are churning saying Keaton would stick around for more films that need to play the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. 

Is there a Batman Beyond movie in development?

While the answer to this is unclear, fans on Twitter have regrouped to petition for a live-action version of the hit animated series. This also saw 'The Legend of Korra' actress Zelda Williams lend her support and nod for a 'Batman Beyond' film. "I’m sincerely hoping the Michael Keaton Batman announcement means my dreams of an early aughts futuristic techno rave, Matrix-y Batman Beyond show or movie is FINALLY en route. Gimme Zeke in The Faculty style teen angst Batman, prettypleasekthxbai," her tweet read.


Earlier, MEAWW had published an article on the need for a live-action series or the movie. 2019 had marked 20 years of the hit series. To begin with, there's enough backstory to go on with. Terry donned the suit as a teen. School in the morning and savage crime-fighting at night gave him a more dual role quality. This also meant he was juggling two lifestyles making it a harder journey as the Bat. There's enough to spawn a movie and a sequel, however, for now, it's either wishful thinking or a surprise that WB will throw our way sometime soon.

That said, fans on Twitter had started their requests. "*bursts into the room* Someone told me Batman Beyond is trending, so I'm here to push my Terry McGinnis agenda," read one of the tweets. "It makes me smile to see Batman Beyond trending. We need a Batman Beyond movie, or Arkham-like game or something!" seconded another.  



Not all were happy about how Affleck's Bat career ended either. "DCEU just being DCEU again. Batgirl beyond WTF is that? Why can't they just release a batman beyond story? It's as simple as that. Also why can't they just release a Batfleck movie. This is unacceptable Batfleck was great batman and this is the type of treatment he gets? Screw WB," wrote a fan. 


The plot speculations were already on. "My guess for the first movie outside of the Flash thing is a Batman Beyond sort of thing where he trains a new Batman, and I bet it would ignore the events of Batman Forever/Batman and Robin. Would pick up 30 years or whatever after Batman Returns," reckoned a fan. "I’m wishin’ and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin' for it to lead to Batman Beyond," was one of the common tweets.



What are your thoughts on the possibility of Keaton playing Bruce Wayne in a live-action 'Batman Beyond' film?