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Michael Keaton asks Biden not to participate in any more 'debates' with Trump: 'Leave him hanging. You won'

The actor also warned his Twitter followers that Trump won’t accept his defeat easily after the November election and 'try to claim victory on Election Day'
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Michael Keaton on Wednesday, September 30, went on a Twitter spree slamming President Donald Trump while asking Joe Biden to not participate in presidential debates anymore. He also declared Biden the winner of the first debate that took place at Cleveland's Case Western Reserve University in Ohio.

“No more “debates”. Joe, leave him hanging. You won. Walk away. That was NOT a debate,” the actor tweeted. A few minutes later, he shared another tweet warning his more than 500k followers that Trump won’t accept his defeat easily after the November election and “try to claim victory on Election Day”. “Election will NOT be decided on Election Day AND THAT’S OK. Be prepared and prepare others. trump will try to claim victory on Election Day and try to make people question results after that. Vote early if you can,” the 69-year-old wrote.



Along with Trump-bashing, Keaton also applauded former President Barack Obama and Biden, who was vice president during Obama’s reign. “The Obama/Biden administrations created more jobs in their last 3 years than trump administration did in their first 3 Out of the last 11 presidents, trump’s economy ranks 7th,” he said. In another tweet, he stated: “Trump didn’t have a plan for his “debate” because he doesn’t/CAN’T plan. He has NEVER had any plan about anything. How did no one see this when it’s been so obvious for so long?” while adding, “What you saw in trump during the alleged “debate” is what you would see if you would look inside this administration -state of the country. VOTE and vote early. People in Pennsylvania - PLEASE learn how to vote. Do not let anyone confuse you”.




A number of people on Twitter also seemed convinced with Keaton’s words as one wrote: “What an absolutely repugnant display Trump put on. There really isn’t enough room for all of the applicable adjectives to describe his repulsive behavior.” Another one said: “The only way for Trump to leave is for this to be a landslide for Biden. And how in heaven can it not after last night’s display? When someone shows you who they are, believe them! But sadly, half our country has hung their hats on a buffoon and mostly because of religion.”



“His plan was to confuse people and sow doubt in a free and fair election, I’d say he accomplished his goal. He’s not even trying to gain new voters, just radicalize the ones he already has,” added a Twitter user.


‘The Founder’ star in August also attacked the Republican leader in an Instagram post, where he asked him to “resign”. The lengthy post by Keaton read: “Look, I’ve said this before. I’ll say it calmly again. I am (and I feel we all should be) over the screaming, ranting etc over trump who is what many call the president. It’s crystal clear it was a fluke and unfortunately a terrible mistake. There are moments when I honestly feel sorry for him. OK, maybe not MOMENTS but seconds. It’s reached the point where it just pathetic. As I’ve said before-pick the phrase “over his head” “lost” “incapable” Doesn’t matter. He just can’t do it. He is so obviously unfit. He truly blew a chance. HE DOESN’T HAVE THE STUFF.

“The job is a tough one and he honestly thinks he can fake his way through it. Resign. No harm. No foul. Walk away. Would be very patriotic and I would personally write a note thanking him. I swear I’m not being condescending. It’s just the truth. It’s now or never folks. Democracy is honestly and literally in question. That’s not being dramatic. Just a fact.”