Michael Jackson allegedly had two gay lovers and would disguise himself as a woman for hookups

Michael Jackson allegedly had two gay lovers and would disguise himself as a woman for hookups

Michael Jackson is no stranger to controversies. Since his death 10 years ago, the pop star has been slammed with multiple allegations of child sexual abuse. But, it has now been reported that the late singer allegedly had two male lovers whom he would often hook up with in secret.

His biographer has claimed that he would also dress up as a woman while meeting with his lovers.  

Writer Ian Halperin, who published the unofficial biography titled 'Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson' in 2009, claimed that "virtually everyone" in Jackson's circle knew that he was secretly gay.

However, during his final years, MJ had repeatedly denied reports suggesting that he was gay.


In addition to this, post-MJ's death, his father Joe Jackson had also slammed all reports that Michael had sexual relationships with men. 


But according to Halperin, Jackson had at least two male lovers, one of whom was a construction worker while the other was a Hollywood waiter. 

Michael Jackson reportedly had at least two male lovers (Getty Images)

As reported by Mirror, one of the men allegedly told Halperin that the very first time Jackson had sex with him the late pop singer allegedly said, "The King of Pop's going to lick your lollipop."

In the biography, Halperin also claims that Jackson would also go out of his home to meet one of his boyfriend's at a grotty hotel.


He would dress up and disguise himself as a woman in order to avoid being recognized.



His alleged fling with the construction worker had started in 2007 in Las Vegas.

"Michael would leave the house in disguise, often dressed as a woman, and would go to meet his boyfriend at a motel that was one of Vegas' grungiest dives," he shared. Halperin also claimed that a close aid of Jackson had even confirmed the affair to him. 

The second lover reportedly had a whirlwind romance with the 'Thriller' singer which lasted for three weeks.

Ever since Jackson's death, he has been slammed with sexual abuse allegations against children.

Some of these allegations were documented in HBO's documentary 'Leaving Neverland' which had released last year.

MEAWW had previously reported that the allegations were made by James Safechuck and Wade Robson, whom Jackson had met while they were children.

They had claimed that they were sexually abused at the hands of Jackson.

However, Jackson's estate has refuted all the allegations against him. 


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