Michael Jackson’s lawyer accuses Martin Bashir of pop legend's death: 'His documentary led to tragic events'

Tom Mesereau also said the BBC journalist claimed before Jackson that he was Lady Diana’s 'most-trusted' confidante

                            Michael Jackson’s lawyer accuses Martin Bashir of pop legend's death: 'His documentary led to tragic events'
Michael Jackson, Martin Bashir (Getty Images)

Michael Jackson’s lawyer has claimed that his documentary with journalist Martin Bashir led to the pop legend's death. Jackson died on June 25, 2009, reportedly due to a propofol overdose. But now his lawyer, Tom Mesereau, has said that Jackson's documentary with the BBC journalist had “set in motion a series of very tragic events”.

Mesereau, 70, stated as reported by The Sun: “What Michael told me was that Martin Bashir had gained his trust and he was most impressed with his professed relationship with Princess Diana.” Mesereau also added that Bashir told Jackson he was the late princess’ “most-trusted” confidante. However, this month it was revealed that the journalist allegedly used falsified bank statements to get an interview with Diana in 1995.

Prince William and Prince Harry’s maternal uncle, Earl Charles Spencer, has accused Bashir of fraud and alleged that the BBC employee told several lies to have an interview with Diana on camera while her relationship with Prince Charles fell to pieces. He also claimed that Bashir took the help of forged bank documents for the explosive interview that shook the royal palace’s foundation. Meanwhile, graphic designer Matt Wiessler, who was fired by the BBC for unwittingly mocking up the documents, is in support of a police investigation. Peter Bleksley, a founding member of Scotland Yard’s undercover unit, has said that based on the claims a probe can be launched.

This comes months after Jackson’s blood-stained IV drip went for auction. His cousin Marsha Stewart was selling the blood-stained IV drip, which he reportedly had while he was on his death-bed. The minimum bid for the thing was $2,500, sold by Memorabilia.Expert. Promoting the drip, Stewart said in a YouTube video, “Shortly after Michael died I went to the house on Sunset. I was able to go in and go to the bedroom. When I went in the bedroom there was a bed there with some juice, it looked like a sandwich... and I noticed this. This was over by the stand and what I did was took it and put it in my purse. This actually belonged to Michael Jackson and it had some white milk-like fluid inside of it, which later on dissolved, but this is actually Michael's DNA on it — that's what made me grab it, the blood. This was one of the IVs — the last actually — he had in his arm when he died."

“This is the IV bag that was taken from Michael Jackson's room after he passed and it's important to note that this has come directly from Michael's cousin. It's from Joe Jackson's estate... the provenance is really important with this piece,” founder of Memorabilia.Expert, Kieta, said. “For me I feel that with Michael Jackson we have to embrace all of him, that's his iconic pop status as well as the troubles that he had with addictions and not being able to sleep, pushing himself to perform for his fans and his artistry. The IV bag — although maybe morbid to some — I don't see it as that I embrace it as part of Michael Jackson.”

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