INCREDIBLE! Woman posts photos of 'boyfriend' who looks just like Michael Jackson

The resemblance is shocking and people are finding it hard to believe that the man in pictures is not Michael Jackson himself

                            INCREDIBLE! Woman posts photos of 'boyfriend' who looks just like Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson (Source:Getty Images)

The internet is a strange place and you never know who or what you might come across. Its latest awe-inspiring offering comes in the form of a man who looks just like the King of Pop Michael Jackson. Lourdes Zavaleta posted a picture of her “boyfriend” on Twitter with the caption "Y'all, my man is so cute, look at the selfie he just sent me." People were quick to comment how her boyfriend looked just like the late singer. "He looks more like MJ than MJ himself," wrote one, while another added, "I believe in reincarnation now, lol". Meanwhile, there were others who thought that the picture she posted was of Michael Jackson himself. 

"Your man is Michael Jackson," wrote one. Another user added, "Bruhh, I thought this was MJ". The picture even led many people to believe that Michael Jackson never died and was in fact just hiding. "Celebrities faking their deaths smh what this Michael Jackson doing now smh," wrote one. "When the homie Michael come back," another added. Meanwhile, others were too surprised by the picture as one commented, "F**k me, he's ALIVE."

Seeing so many comments, Lourdes decided to come clean and told people that she doesn't really know the man just found his picture him online. The man may not be her boyfriend, but he managed to impress the internet.

The picture instantly went viral and has since been shared a number of times. The man who many thought was Michael Jackson is, in fact, Sergio Cortès, a Michael Jackson impersonator, reported APost. Everyone was surprised to see how Sergio looked a lot like the singer. Right from his hair to incredible bone structure, it was astonishing to see the similarities between the two. 

Sergio puts on an amazing tribute show to the late singer and makes sure that, even years after his death, the memories of the late singer are still alive in the hearts and minds of his fans. From dancing to the songs to the magnetic stage performance, to making people fall in love with his style, Sergio is able to channel his Michael Jackson in every way. He performs classics such as 'Smooth Criminal', 'Man in the Mirror', and 'Thriller'.

The crowd loves him as all his performances are always jampacked with crowds. Lourdes felt guilty about posting the picture of Sergio as her boyfriend and she said that she never expected the post will go viral. However, looking at the bright side, she thinks she helped him get the exposure and more followers.