'I'm a f***ing idiot': Michael J Fox regrets declining role in Oscar-winning '90s film 'Ghost' starring Whoopi Goldberg

'I'm a f***ing idiot': Michael J Fox regrets declining role in Oscar-winning '90s film 'Ghost' starring Whoopi Goldberg
Michael J Fox regrets passing up on a role in the 1990 movie 'Ghost' starring Whoopi Goldberg (Mike Coppola/Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Michael J Fox surprised Whoopi Goldberg with a revelation on Thursday, May 18, that he had declined a role in her acclaimed 1990 film 'Ghost'. Starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore as the couple named Sam and Molly, the movie revolves around their love being shattered when Sam is murdered as part of a criminal scheme. As a ghost, Sam remains on Earth, determined to safeguard Molly from the villains, aided by a fraudulent psychic portrayed by Whoopi, who earned an Oscar for her performance.

In a recent appearance on 'The View', Fox, 61, revealed that he was approached for a role in the movie. He expressed regret, confessing to Whoopi that, "there was a chance to work with you that I missed," revealing that when the idea of 'Ghost' was presented to him, he dismissed it, stating, "It'll never work." 


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'I'm a f***ing idiot!'

Fox, who rose to prominence as a significant movie star in the 1980s, affectionately admitted that 'Ghost' turned out to be a tremendous success. He candidly acknowledged, "They talked to me about Ghost early on. I said, 'It'll never work.' I said, 'Whoopi's great, but it'll never work.' It was great and huge - and I'm a f***ing idiot!" Upon hearing this, Goldberg reacted with a stunned expression, her mouth agape in surprise. "Well, you know what? There's still time," Goldberg told the 'Back to the Future' actor. "So, yeah, we'll find something to do now!"

Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg in 'Ghost' (1990) (IMDb)
Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg in 'Ghost' (1990) (IMDb)

Michael J Fox's Hollywood journey

In a recent extensive interview with Variety, Fox elaborated on his decision to dismiss the idea of being part of 'Ghost', explaining that he couldn't envision how the movie would come together. However, defying his doubts, 'Ghost' went on to become a blockbuster success and emerged as the highest-grossing film of the year, even surpassing popular movies like 'Pretty Woman' and 'Home Alone'. By that time, Fox had already established himself as a highly regarded figure in Hollywood, initially through his TV role in 'Family Ties' and later transitioning to the big screen with the immensely popular 'Back to the Future' franchise. He ventured into the ghost movie genre himself with the 1996 film 'The Frighteners', directed by Peter Jackson.

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd in 'Back to the Future' (IMDb)
Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd in 'Back to the Future' (IMDb)

Fox appeared on 'The View' this week to promote his new Apple TV documentary 'Still' which delves into his personal journey and struggles with Parkinson's disease.

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 Michael J Fox rues declining Whoopi Goldberg-starrer film 'Ghost'