Trump would win if elections are held today and only Bloomberg can stop him, says Democrat's campaign manager

Kevin Sheeky, manager of the billionaire Democratic candidate, also praised Trump's campaign runner Brad Parscale and said Bloomberg entered the race to beat the incumbent president from winning a second term

                            Trump would win if elections are held today and only Bloomberg can stop him, says Democrat's campaign manager
President Donald Trump (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Kevin Sheeky, the presidential campaign manager of Michael Bloomberg, one of the Democratic presidential hopefuls for this year believes that incumbent president Donald Trump has a good chance of getting re-elected.

While, his fears could certainly turn the Democratic supporters off but Sheeky is not the one to mince his words and not express his mind. Speaking to Bill Hammer on Fox News, Sheeky said: “Right now, if the election were held, I think President Trump probably is reelected.”

The 53-year-old even suggested that his counterpart in Trump’s camp, Brad Parscale is focusing only on a few pro-Trump states. He also praised Parscale over his functioning which is focused on the key states and not the entire country.

Mike Bloomberg (Photo by Scott Heins/Getty Images)

Bloomberg came in to stop Trump from coming back, says Sheeky

Sheeky also said that one of the reasons why Bloomberg joined the Democratic presidential fray was that he thought the field was not up to the mark to prevent Trump from winning his second term.

The 77-year-old billionaire joined the race only in November 2019 with an aim to defeat Trump and rebuild America. Bloomberg is entirely self-funding his presidential campaign and since he is not seeking campaign donations, he is not fulfilling a qualifying metric for the party’s Democratic debates. He is not even vying for the early states going to the primary but banking on countrywide ads, hoping the delegate-rich states will vote for him starting March 3, a Super Tuesday. Sheeky said only a few states like Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona matter and said the Democrats made a big mistake by focusing on Iowa for two years.

Bloomberg has spent nearly $250 million on advertising in the two months since he joined the Democratic race, a report by Politico said. It even said that costs for political TV ads have gone up by 20 percent since Bloomberg’s campaign started. 

The first test of the primary will be held in Iowa on February 3 and political observers are keen to see who eventually emerges as the champion from the deeply divided Democratic field which has been left even polarized by the recent tussle between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

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