Girl who made Kate Middleton laugh when she tried to 'steal' her flowers dies aged 9

Mia Murchison who tried to steal Kate Middleton's flowers passes away in her parent's arms after battling Batten

                            Girl who made Kate Middleton laugh when she tried to 'steal' her flowers dies aged 9

The sweet little Sydney girl, who once tried stealing Kate Middleton's flowers during her royal visit Down Under, passed away in her parents' arms after battling a rare condition - Battens disease. Kate, who barely spent a few minutes with Mia Murchison, was pictured giggling when the then 4-year-old took away that bouquet of flowers given to the Duchess while at the Bear Cottage in Manly; a picture that had gone viral.

Little Mia passed away on August 17 after suffering from the incurable Batten disease which left her without eyesight and the ability to walk or talk. Mia had been diagnosed with the condition in the year 2014 when she was only 3-year-old. She was photographed with the Duchess of Cambridge while at the children's hospice at Sydney.


Kate was quite amused by the child's action and ended up giving Mia the flowers. When Mia said the word "baby," Kate responded by saying, "Yes, I have a baby, baby George." As reported by the Mirror, Mia was born in Dublin, Ireland and was battling the CLN2 disease. Her family then shifted to Singapore and then relocated to New South Wales. They are determined to spread awareness about the disease and help others who are going through the same. 

They also took to creating a Facebook page which is titled Bounce4Batten and had posted, "Mia died this morning at home in our arms. So incredibly sad and beautiful. So very loved and adored". Peta, later on, wrote, "Yesterday was the saddest and most beautiful day for our family. Mia’s casket had a simple wooden name plate that we will keep forever. I never thought you could like a casket but hers was so beautiful covered in flowers and so very Mia. I loved it." 


"I was never going to be ready for this goodbye but it was heavenly and more beautiful than I ever could have imagined," the post continued. Nine months after her first seizure, Mia was diagnosed with the Batten's disease. 

The GoFundMe page set up in Mia's honor reads: "The love that Mia gave & the joyfulness that everyone experienced through Mia’s life is her gift to us all. However, in the six years since Mia’s diagnosis, there have been countless supporters, champions, advocates, friends and professionals who have extended themselves for Mia and our family. We would like to recognize and support the organizations that supported Mia’s joyful life." 

The Batten's disease is an incurable and also fatal disease of the nervous system. It usually starts in childhood itself and children who have Batten's can experience blindness, personality and behavioral changes, seizures, and intellectual decline.