Porn star Mia Khalifa slammed for trashing America in 4th of July message

Mia Khalifa's July 4 wishes went viral after she said 'all America does is destabalize other countries', gets trolled in response

                            Porn star Mia Khalifa slammed for trashing America in 4th of July message
Mia Khalifa divided the Internet with her Fourth of July message (Instagram/@miakhalifa)

Former adult entertainment star Mia Khalifa set the Internet on fire on July 4th, but not for her usual reasons. This time, she went viral because of a rather unusual Fourth of July greetings she posted on Instagram. The actress was slammed and trolled after she denounced America for "destabilizing other countries" in an Instagram story. She also found plenty of support as well, with some users praising her for "speaking the truth".

Even with Donald Trump no longer the president, July 4th remained a news-worthy celebration this year. Arts and crafts store Hobby Lobby made headlines for its bizarre full-page ad in multiple newspapers, calling for a Christian government on July 4. Mark Zuckerberg also made the news after he shared a video of himself surfboarding while holding the American flag. Finally, Matthew McConaughey made the strongest possible hint he could turn to politics, with a very patriotic Twitter message. 


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Now, we can add Mia Khalifa to the list. Her Fourth of July wishes were far from ordinary and it quickly blew up online. Furious Americans took to Twitter to denounce her, while clueless others were struggling to understand why she was trending. Others got behind Mia and tweeted in support of her, dividing the iIternet on the one day America usually comes together.

Mia Khalifa in a selfie posted on Instagram (@miakhalifa/Instagram)


Mia Khalifa's odd July 4 message

In an Instagram story, Mia said, "Morning! Happy fourth of July. I just want to remind you guys on this beautiful Independence Day that all America does is destabilize other countries, and then treat refugees and immigrants from those destabilized countries like second-class citizens and trash." Here's the video for you to see, as posted on Twitter by a user who said, "I personally think @miakhalifa is an icon."



The Lebanese-born actress isn't a stranger to being slammed online. In May, after violence broke out between Gaza and Israel, Khalifa was widely panned for her tweet on the matter. She posted a photo of herself drinking wine produced during Nazi occupation, and said, "my wine is older than your apartheid "state"." Earlier in February, she made news in India for commenting on the farmer's protest that rocked the nation. While she found support from other celebrities, Mia was widely slammed by pro-government factions. 

Despite a history of controversial comments, it appears Mia cannot stop herself from getting involved in political matters. The comments on Independence Day were surely in bad taste. Americans clearly didn't want to hear their country being trashed on such an important day and made their feelings known with their responses.



'Somehow we are the bad guys' says social media

"Mia Khalifa is banned from her home country but makes bucket loads of cash and lives in luxury in America by flashing her boobs on the internet. Somehow we’re the bad guys though, LMFAO," one person tweeted. Another said, "Mia Khalifa could never get away with her former profession if she lived in, say the Middle East." One person tweeted, "What is it they do to women who do what she did where she's from? Oh. Right."





 Another slammed, "TFW you open Twitter, and it has Mia Khalifa trending because of her comments about the 4th of July. How far have we fallen that a dumb-a$$ failed porn star making dumb-a$$ comments about something she isn't qualified to speak about is trending? Stay in your lane, Porn Freak."



Others found it funny she was trending at all. Posting an image from the Batman cartoons, one person tweeted, "Everybody trying to find out why Mia Khalifa is trending." Another joked, "Got excited about Mia Khalifa trending I thought she got back in the game." One person tweeted, "I thought Mia Khalifa was trending because she was making a comeback."





Others though got behind Mia and supported her comments. She received a lot of praise for speaking the truth, while others sent her positive messages. It certainly was an unusual trend for Independence Day. What do you think? Was Mia right or was she just being her usual controversial self?