Metallica tease deluxe remastered edition of '... And Justice For All'

The thrash metal legends' fourth studio album is all set to receive a remastered treatment, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the original album release.

                            Metallica tease deluxe remastered edition of '... And Justice For All'

Metallica have shared a short teaser video that gives fans a sneak peek at the long-awaited deluxe edition of their 1988 masterpiece, '...And Justice for All. '

The 30-second clip, which the band shared on their Twitter page with the hashtag "#comingsoon," features footage of the packaging plant where the release's final product is being put together. Viewers can get a glimpse at just a few of the goodies that will be included in the release below.

As Loudwire points out, there has been much discussion around the seemingly elusive re-release. In 2017 producer/engineer Toby Wright, who handled some of the engineering on the album said he would "love to remix" the album. 

Contrastingly, earlier this year, the sound mixer for the record, Steve Thompson, claimed that Metallica don't have plans to remix the album. “I just contributed to the anniversary album of …And Justice [for All]," he told the Talk Toomey Podcast. "I just sent them a bunch of pictures and some outtakes, but they have no desire to remix the record. They want to keep it the way it is. They might remaster it or something like that, but there is only so much mastering you can do."

The almost-inaudible bass on the album has been a long-standing hot topic whenever the album is discussed. In a 2015 interview with Ultimate Guitar, Thompson revealed that Ulrich was the culprit for the lack of any bass guitar on the record, claiming that Ulrich apparently wanted his drums to sound a certain way — even if it meant cutting out the bass.

"And I’ll tell you the truth, I don’t even know if those original multi-tracks could be saved. Because there are like 5 million edits in them from Lars‘ drums alone. So if you have the box and open it up there probably be about 50 million pieces of tape all over the place,” he said with regards to the slim chances of Metallica ever releasing a remastered version. But it looks like Thompson was wrong and the day has finally come. 

'...And Justice For All' was Jason Newsted's first full-length album with Metallica after he replaced late bassist Cliff Burton in 1986. The album was the first by the band to sell more than a million copies and featured their first radio hit, 'One', which was also the stepping stone to one of the thrash metal legends' first music videos. The album was nominated for the first-ever Grammy for "Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance", but infamously lost to Jethro Tull's 'Crest Of A Knave'.

Metallica are yet to share details as to the contents of the remastered box set, the release date and other information, but it shouldn't be too long before they follow through. Considering the album was released on August 25, 1988, the new edition could be arriving to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the record. In related news, Metallica recently launched their own line of American whiskey. Dubbed 'Blackened' American whiskey, the name is a reference to the opening track of '... And Justice For All'.