Metallica launches 'Blackened', their own line of American whiskey

Blackened American Whiskey comes from master distiller Dave Pickerell, and sound waves from the band’s music was used to "enhance the molecular interaction" of the whiskey.

                            Metallica launches 'Blackened', their own line of American whiskey

Metallica are capitalizing on their three-decade-plus legacy by going big in the branding game. After they announced their own line of watches last year, the band is now rolling out its own brand of signature American whiskey. Unfortunately, the whiskey doesn't come in a jar (no points for not paying homage to the 'Garage Inc.' album cut), but in quite a fancy bottle.

Dubbed the 'Blackened American Whiskey' (in reference to their single from their 1988 album '... And Justice For All'), the whiskey is brought to the public by Metallica in partnership with master distiller Dave Pickerell, If you're wondering what makes Metallica's whiskey so special, boy are you going to get your mind blown clean off your shoulders!

Part of the maturation process of the whiskey actually involves utilizing sound waves from the band’s music to "enhance the molecular interaction" of the drink. 

“‘Blackened’ isn’t just the name of a song on …And Justice For All and now on the bottle; it literally helps to shape the flavor!", the band wrote in a statement. "That’s right, the blend of bourbons, ryes, and whiskeys from all across North America, carefully selected by Dave himself, is housed in black brandy barrels and inundated with low hertz sound waves so intense that it actually enhances the molecular interaction and ultimately the finish of the whiskey.”

The band adds: “We are fortunate to have a long-time collaboration with Meyer Sound, who have engineered a proprietary subwoofer that amplifies the low-frequency sound waves and all the planets aligned. It just so happens that the low-frequency range needed for Dave’s vision was the range you hear in our music and the process of sonic-enhancement we call ‘Black Noise’ was born. A patent-pending process, the playlists that we create helps to shape the flavor of the whiskey.”


Detailing the brewing process, the newly launched website for the whisket notes: "After the whiskeys have been combined in the black brandy casks for finishing, they’re jolted back to life by the unmistakable, earth-shattering music of Metallica. Using our proprietary sonic enhancement system BLACK NOISE™, the whiskey is pummeled by sound, causing it to seep deeper into the barrel, where it picks up additional wood flavor characteristics."

Blackened American Whiskey will be available this fall in liquor stores and restaurants, but fans and liquor connoisseurs will be able to sample the beverage at events located near Metallica’s shows on their upcoming U.S. tour. The first events take place in Madison, Wisconsin, and surrounding areas, with Metallica set to kick off the trek there on September 2.

For more details on Blackened American Whiskey, including the initial tasting events, visit the official website here