What is Meryl Streep rapping in Netflix's 'The Prom'? Fans slam 'just go high like Michelle Obama' quote

The Netflix movie adaptation and musical comedy also stars James Corden, Andrew Rannells and Nicole Kidman in prominent roles

                            What is Meryl Streep rapping in Netflix's 'The Prom'? Fans slam 'just go high like Michelle Obama' quote
Meryl Streep and Michelle Obama (Getty Images)

Hollywood icon Meryl Streep is 71 and from winning Academy Awards to Tony and Emmy awards, she has most probably achieved which some can only dream of. Apart from showing her skills on the big screen, ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ star has now rapped in a song from Netflix’s new musical ‘The Prom’ proving again there is nothing she can’t do.  

The Hollywood A-lister stars in the streamer’s new musical directed by Ryan Murphy, which is based on the hit Broadway show of the same name. Streep raps in an original song titled, ‘Wear Your Crown’ which celebrates ‘The Prom’s feel-good message and features the actress rapping. She has already tried her hands at rapping in the song ‘The Witch’s Rap’ from the 2014 musical ‘Into the Woods’ but she has set the bar high in her new one. In one of the lines, Meryl also mentions Michelle Obama. She raps, “And if somebody starts in with new drama, just go high like Michelle Obama.”

The Internet was quick to react on Meryl mentioning Michelle in her rap, as a lot of them found it a little unsettling. One user asserted, “not to be dramatic but when i heard Meryl Streep rap “just go high like Michelle Obama” over the prom’s closing credits i started foaming at the mouth.” One user said, “the news that meryl streep raps has ruined my whole week.” Another added, “they really heard Meryl Streep say “Michelle obamaAAa” and thought yeah she spittin’ ........ i hate it here.” One individual tweeted, “Nobody: Not a singular soul: Ryan Murphy, still not content with the crimes he's already committed: You know what The Prom needs? The world's MOST generic pop song ft Meryl Streep rapping about Michelle Obama.” One added, “Meryl Streep rapping a Michelle Obama quote is not something i thought i would ever experience.”






The song has been penned by Adam Anders, Peer Astrom and original ‘Prom’ creators Matthew Sklar and Chad Beguelin and will be played during the closing credits of Netflix’s musical comedy. According to USA Today, Murphy wanted the movie to “end on a high,” and Anders revealed that they took those marching orders and wrote a song “that would encompass all of the emotions of the film, but wrap it all in an uptempo banger you can dance to. Of course, we had to do this all during COVID, so it all had to happen via Zoom sessions as we were locked down.” 

‘The Prom’ will hit the streaming service on December 11, 2020. The upcoming Netflix movie adaptation also stars James Corden, Andrew Rannells and Nicole Kidman as four musical-theatre types who need some good PR as they head to small-town Indiana to help when a lesbian teenager (newcomer Jo Ellen Pellman) can't take her girlfriend (Ariana DeBose) to their high school prom, as reported by USA Today.


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