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Internet shames group of men who posted video catcalling female police officer on duty

One of the many remarks criticizing the men said, 'Little boys don't know when to stop'
UPDATED JUL 15, 2022
A group of men had no qualms objectifying a female police officer (TikTok/blackmagictvv)
A group of men had no qualms objectifying a female police officer (TikTok/blackmagictvv)

A group of men shamelessly began to objectify a female police officer while filming for the TikTok account blackmagictvv. Laughter can be heard in the background as the man in the TikTok video is heard saying, "damn this one is nice." A few seconds later, you can overhear another man saying, "Bro, this one should be a model," in reference to the female police officer.

The policewoman looked around at her surroundings, trying to ignore the group of men who were obviously making her uncomfortable with their crude remarks. "She's definitely in the wrong field," said the caption to the video that showed the men objectifying the woman, published earlier this month. The man filming could be heard saying, "This woman is beautiful," as she ignored them and turned to look in the opposite direction.


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"She should be a model not a police officer," he stated in the video caption. The video, which has received over 2.7 million views, has close to 3000 comments, most of them slamming the men who were harrassing the female officer. One of the many remarks criticizing the men said, "Little boys don't know when to stop." Another person comment read, "Bro is harassing someone doing their job because of how they look." Another person who believed that the female officer should be respected rather than receiving unwanted sexual attention wrote, "Respect her, she deserves to be respected." Numerous other people demanded the group to "leave her alone."

"She has probably had a hard career dealing with this nonsense from crims and colleagues," another individual wrote. The TikTok account blackmagictvv, which routinely shared videos of encounters with the police, has since been deleted. 


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In January 2022, a similar scenario took place in London. A horrific TikTok video of catcallers harassing a female police officer in London was discovered. A female police officer in uniform is seen in the video as she patrols on-duty in an area close to Piccadilly Circus in London. The caption on the TikTok video stated, "TikTok help me find this girl she sooo fine."

In the background, someone can be heard whistling, while another person can be heard saying "Oh my goodness" to the police officer. The officer was then pulled away from the crowd by another female police officer. More than 240,000 people had watched the unsettling footage.

The Central West Command Unit Inspector Aiveen McManus, told DailyMail, "This sort of harassment is completely unacceptable. No woman, whether a police officer or not, should be made to feel uncomfortable by this sort of behaviour. My officers were deployed on New Year's Eve, one of the most challenging days in the policing calendar." McManus added, "I am proud of the way they stayed focused and professional in the face of such provocation. This female officer was working hard to keep the people of London safe, she deserved more respect."