‘Melrose Place’ star Jamie Luner sued for $250 million over allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting a teen

Melrose Place’ star Jamie Luner is being accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a teen at a party that took place back in 1998.

                            ‘Melrose Place’ star Jamie Luner sued for $250 million over allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting a teen
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Melrose Place actress Jamie Luner, 46, is being sued for allegedly seducing a 16-year-old boy named Anthony Oliver. According to TMZ, the alleged incident took place in back in 1998. Antony states that the actress drugged him into doing sexual acts with her. 

Jamie is accused of sexually assaulting a minor  (Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for WIN)

In the lawsuit, which has been filed by Antony, he is asking Jamie to pay $250 million for her alleged inappropriate behavior. Antony claims that the event went down when the two had been attending the success party of her show back in 1998. He had been invited to the party because Jamie’s makeup artist knew Anthony’s brother. He claims that when he first met Jamie she allegedly called him “adorable” and asked him if he wanted a drink.

He then claims that she asked her makeup artist to pour him a Jack and coke, even though she knew that he was underage. He then states that they ended up talking for three hours before Jamie asked him to accompany her to the room. In her room, Antony recalls that Jamie pulled out a small plastic bag of crystal meth from her purse.

She is being sued for $25 million (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for DATG)

Antony alleges that Jamie asked him to try the meth. He recalls her saying “It’s going to make you real horny.” He told Jamie that he did not want to have meth and asked for two Tylenol instead, which he claims had been aced with the crystal meth. After taking them, Antony recalls feeling dizzy and admitted that he started getting sexually aroused. He then went on to add that the makeup artist suggested that Jamie goes on and puts a kitty cat outfit.

Antony then goes on to say that Jamie allegedly started to remove his belt and underwear while licking and kissing his neck, arms, and chest. He added that Jamie and makeup artist allegedly performed oral sex and after a while Jamie and he had sex several times. He even claims that Jamie allegedly went over to the couch and said, “come bend me over the couch and ram me.”

Jamie went on to add that his brother had left the party but when he came back, he allegedly recorded Anthony and Jamie having sex. According to Antony, this incident messed up his entire life and became the reason that he turned himself into an alcoholic. The lawsuit says, “Plaintiff is left not knowing if he is attracted to men, women or both” and it also adds that several other young men went to the LAPD with claiming that they were also sexually assaulted by Jamie.