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'Yesterday is behind you': Teacher accused of having sex with student at prom resurfaces in DUBAI as yoga instructor!

Tweedie was expelled from the teaching register in February 2022 after being accused of having 'sexual intercourse' with a student at the 2017 high school prom
Shamed former PE Teacher Melissa Tweedie is now a Yoga instructer (Deadline video screenshot, FitBoss website)
Shamed former PE Teacher Melissa Tweedie is now a Yoga instructer (Deadline video screenshot, FitBoss website)

DUBAI, UAE: A former PE instructor, who was charged with having sex with a student at prom, is back on social media posting yoga videos to reassure followers that they can start over. The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) expelled Melissa Tweedie from the teaching register in February 2022 after being accused of having "inappropriate physical contact" and "sexual intercourse" with a student at the 2017 Gleniffer High School prom.

As per reports, Tweedie wore "revealing clothing" at the event held at SWG3 nightclub in Glasgow. Later, she left for Premier Inn and slept with a student. Tweedie was reportedly 23 at that time, while the student was 18. Following the allegations, the former teacher at Gleniffer High School in Paisley, Renfrewshire, relocated to Dubai and later locked her social media accounts during the hearing. Tweedie, who changed her career to teaching yoga in Dubai, returned to social media a few months after being expelled from the bar to share meditation videos and online classes. 


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The shamed former PE teacher can be heard addressing her viewers as she shifts into various yoga and meditation positions in a series of videos that were posted in May. Tweedie started off her video with enthusiasm and said, "Hello, welcome back to day two and another good morning and fresh day ahead of you."

She also said in the video with confidence, "If today or yesterday wasn't your day then just think today you have this clean slate up in front of you. You choose what colors you sprinkle throughout your day today, you choose what you take from your day today." She added, "Yesterday is behind you, there is another bright day ahead of you."

Tweedie spent more than 200 hours in Dubai studying to earn her certification as a Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Flow yoga instructor. When Tweedie's Alexa starts speaking at one point, the former teacher has to cut her off. She said, "Alexa, pause. I am intrigued to what she just said though, all I heard was hormones." She then continued to guide the yoga process to her viewers telling them to bring their hands to their hearts and to close their eyes.  "I just want you to feel. Feel and connect your heartbeat, she tells them. The rhythm of your heart. Where else can we feel this pulse throughout the body?"

She soothingly explains to her viewers about being grateful for a healthy body. She said, "Feeling yourself, have gratitude for this healthy, healthy heartbeat. A healthy body I hope. Feeling grateful for this high hat your breath can give you. Say it out loud with me, I am joy." The former PE teacher ends each video by telling the audience that she loves them and then blowing a kiss toward the camera.

'Allegations against Tweedie'

During the 2017 prom, Tweedie was found dancing inappropriately and sharing shots with students at the bar. The allegations against Tweedie read, "Between 7 June 2017 and 8 June 2017, whilst employed by Renfrewshire Council as a PE Teacher at Gleniffer High School, at the senior prom and immediately thereafter, you danced inappropriately with pupils during the prom, including making inappropriate physical contact whilst dancing with them at SWG3, Glasgow. [You] kissed Pupil A at the hotel in which pupils were staying for the night, the Premier Inn Hotel and engaged in sexual intercourse with Pupil A after the prom, at the Premier Inn. [You] drank a shot (or shots) at the bar of SWG3, behaved in an inappropriate manner in a hotel room at the Premier Inn by drinking alcohol in the presence of pupils and stating words to the effect of 'Can we for a minute act like I'm not a teacher' to a pupil(s). [You] were under the influence of alcohol to the point of being inebriated in the presence of pupils in the Premier Inn [and] had awareness that an ex pupil was in possession of drugs and did not report this to the appropriate authorities," reported The Sun.

Tweedie is also charged with deception for allegedly telling the headteacher she was at home when in fact she was at the Premier Inn. After looking into the incident, Scotland Police concluded there was no criminal activity.