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Melissa Towne: Mom who called daughter, 5, ‘evil’ cut her throat and suffocated her with trash bag

The prosecutors said that when Nichole survived the knife wound, Melissa Towne, 37, sat on top of her and strangled her for 30 to 45 minutes
UPDATED OCT 18, 2022
Melissa Towne (R), who murdered her 5-year-old daughter Nichole (L), considered the child 'evil' (KHOU/video screenshots)
Melissa Towne (R), who murdered her 5-year-old daughter Nichole (L), considered the child 'evil' (KHOU/video screenshots)

Warning: This article contains graphic content that could be traumatic for some readers. Discretion is advised

TOMBALL, TEXAS: A 37-year-old Texas woman has allegedly confessed to killing her 5-year-old daughter as she considered the girl "evil" and didn't want to deal with her anymore. According to the prosecution, Melissa Towne brought her daughter Nichole to Spring Creek Park in Tomball, Texas to commit the crime on Sunday, October 16.

The mother then instructed her daughter to kneel once they had gone further into the woods. According to The Sun report, Towne then took hold of her daughter's hair with her left hand, and slit the child's throat with a knife in her right hand. The prosecutor claimed that after the initial injuries when the child put up a fight and started to scream, Towne strangled her for 30 to 45 minutes while covering her head with a trash bag. Towne claimed she was able to place the trash bag over her daughter's head while sitting on top of her and covering her mouth with her hand. At one point, the child even pleaded with her saying, "I have been good," but her mother told her to quit fighting. 


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Towne then put Nichole's body in a mesh laundry bag and drove to the neighborhood hospital to dispose of the body. She requested a wheelchair for her daughter from a hospital nurse, who then enquired as to the condition of the patient. According to the prosecution, Towne said that her daughter's body was pained. The nurse then went outside to Towne's Jeep, where she discovered the mesh bag. Upon opening the bag, she saw the child inside with a cut-throat and bruises around her eyes, lips, and neck. The five-year-old was declared dead by a medical doctor, and Towne was taken into custody by police on the spot. The police did discover a knife in Towne's pocket, but they were unable to unearth any other proof of the crime in the park.

The fact that Towne is not the child's primary caregiver was later made public in court. According to a Texas Department of Family and Protective Services representative who spoke to ABC7, Towne has a history with Child Protective Services, but CPS couldn't reveal further details since the information is confidential.

The mother also has three other children, whose ages vary from two to 18, but the spokeswoman said that they are all secure and have been staying with other family members. Towne is being held in Harris County Jail on a $15 million bond after being charged with capital murder.