Who is Melanie Joseph? Florida mom separated from teen son after his 'rapist' dad showed judge her maskless pic

She lost the parental timesharing of her son Logan after Florida Circuit Court Judge Dale Cohen allegedly punished her for not wearing a mask

                            Who is Melanie Joseph? Florida mom separated from teen son after his 'rapist' dad showed judge her maskless pic
Melanie Joseph has been fighting with the courts for the past year after her son was removed from her care over a Facebook post (GoFundMe)

A Florida mother has asked for public help after unsuccessfully pleading with the courts the past year to be reunited with her teen son who was removed from her care over a Facebook post where she was not wearing a mask.

Melanie Joseph from Broward County lost the parental timesharing of her 14-year-old son Logan last year after a state Circuit Court Judge Dale Cohen allegedly punished her for not wearing a mask prior to an oral surgery appointment, which she had posted on Facebook. The photo which was presented by Logan's father in the court did not show any signs of their teen son being present for the appointment. She has claimed that face masks were not mandatory in the area where she had the appointment.


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A GoFundMe page set up last year to raise legal costs for Joseph, read: "Melanie is a wonderful, loving mother who has been stripped of her parental rights by a Judge with very strong opinions on 'Covid Culture,' mask mandates, and no respect for medical freedom of choice. Her son Logan has been effectively ripped away from her by his vindictive father using current events, and a corrupt justice system to his advantage. The presiding Judge has chosen to remove ALL Melanie's rights to her son, based on his opinion that she is a 'danger to her son' based on a single photo copied from Melanie's social media. This photo shows Melanie without a mask during a time when masks were not yet mandatory in her area, and her exercising her 2nd amendment rights by wearing her lawfully licensed sidearm. He has ruled that Melanie may not see her son until such time as she has submitted herself to a Coronavirus vaccine once one becomes available, and has provided official documentation to prove she has received it."


She recently came forward to reveal in an interview with Gateway Pundit that Logan was conceived after his unidentified father 'raped' her “My son’s father raped me — and three months after my son was born, he pursued me in court. He ended up getting a deal where custody would be split 50/50 because there wasn’t anything on paper about the rape other than records from my therapy,” Joseph explained.

Apparently, she claimed that the father has a criminal record and had attacked her again when she was pregnant with another child, who is now eight years old. She added that when she tried to press charges, the case was lodged but ultimately dropped because while the state attorney “knew she was a victim” and that they “believe her,” they did not have enough evidence to prosecute and win the case.

The reason given by the judge to strip Joseph of her parental rights agreement was reported because he was upset that Joseph and her husband had moved for work after he was laid off from his job. But Joseph claimed she already had a long-distance custody agreement and the father had also moved out of the county. Since last year, she is only permitted to visit Logan twice a year and for that, she has to drive from Florida to North Carolina to do it. Joseph says that she was led to believe that if she did not agree to what was being offered to her, she would never see her son again. Additionally, her son would be required to wear a mask during any contact with her. Since her son has asthma, such a requirement might worsen his health.



“I was forced into a settlement, meaning my lawyer had stated to me that off-record, the judge hates me because I damaged his reputation by going public, on top of the fact that he already hated me because he considers me a Covid denier and an anti-masker,” Joseph explained. "None of that, by the way, ever came out of my mouth.”

The fundraising page, which has by far raised a little over $6,000 of its goal of $100,000, concluded with this message: "This is setting a dangerous precedent, that the court system can coerce parents into relinquishing their medical freedom of choice, and bodily autonomy or risk never seeing their children again! We as parents, as Americans, we CANNOT allow this to stand! We MUST rise up, and raise our voices in one outcry against the tyranny that is overtaking our country! We MUST take a stand, we must fight alongside Melanie! We MUST liberate Logan, and reunite him with his mother, step-father, and siblings who all love and miss him terribly!"

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