Melania Trump shares new photos of White House Christmas decorations, Internet says it's 'NOT a funeral’

The backlash against the first lady stemmed from leaked recordings where she's heard saying, 'Who gives a f*** about the Christmas stuff and decorations?'

                            Melania Trump shares new photos of White House Christmas decorations, Internet says it's 'NOT a funeral’
(@FLOTUS/Twitter, Getty Images)

Melania Trump took to her official Instagram account to share the final White House Christmas decorations. She posted a series of images along with captions describing the meaning behind the decorations. The first four photos were of the decorations in the Blue Room with a caption that read: “This year’s #WHChristmas tree illuminates the Blue Room, featuring ornaments designed by students. #BeBest encourages youth to BE BEST in their individual paths & the splendor of America shines brightly through the handmade ornaments & the unique perspective of American children.” 

Another post from the first lady’s Instagram showed the State Dining Room adorned with the US’ national flower. “The State Dining Room beams with white & yellow roses, our national flower, & showcases the beauty of the @WhiteHouse through a delectable Gingerbread House, featuring the West Wing, Executive Residence, East Wing, and for the first time, the Rose Garden & First Ladies’ Garden,” Melania wrote.



Not just that, she also encouraged handmade ornaments while posting a few more pictures of the decorations. The mother-of-one said, “#BeBest focuses on encouraging children to BE BEST in their individual paths & the importance of positive social, emotional & physical health. The handmade ornaments on this year’s @WhiteHouse wreath in the Red Room showcase the talent of American craftsmanship.”

Though Melania left no stone unturned to beautifully decorate the president’s official residence before the Trumps leave in January next year, Twitter seemed not very happy with it. One of the many reasons behind it was a leaked recording of her stating, “Who gives a f*** about the Christmas stuff and decorations?” Reports speculated that by adorning the White House, the FLOTUS was trying to prove that she does care about the annual festival. One user commented on Twitter, “It is Christmas, not a funeral.  Geeeshhhh.” The second one said, “Everything is so monochromatic with her. There's never any multicolored lights on trees. It's all so one note. But at least we don't have that red hall of hell, like last year.”




“White House officials say Melania's Xmas decorations paid 'homage' to frontline workers. Isn't betting on some small, shiny red balls essentially what got America in this mess? Moreover, black urns, brimming with flowers... Not enough urns already, Melania?” the third user asked. “Still makes me think of the shining,” the fourth one joked.




“But you don't care, remember? Who gives a fuck about Christmas stuff and decoration, but I need to do it, right?"  -- Melania Trump,” a person sarcastically commented while another one added: “"Who gives a f*ck about Christmas stuff and decoration?" - Melania Trump Ladies & Gentlemen our classy FLOTUS unveiled her White House Xmas deco, she forgot to hang these......”




But there were a few who sided with Melania as a person said, “So disrespectful no matter who is in the White House, they should be given kindness. She is trying to make it a beautiful Christmas, that is honoring OUR country, please be kind this Christmas!” The second supporter of her wrote: “Proud to have the beautiful Christmas decoration of the White House done by Melania to be shown to all the world.”




“The decoration in the White House look very very beautiful my family I want to thank all the people that decorated the trees and everything else I have seen we would like to give them a shout out and alone with your Direction first lady we thank you all,” the third one added.


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