Melania Trump trolled after Pastor Stewart-Allen Clarke calls her 'trophy wife': 'She's '95% Trump plastic'

Melania Trump trolled after Pastor Stewart-Allen Clarke calls her 'trophy wife': 'She's '95% Trump plastic'
The General Baptist denomination has admonished Pastor Stewart-Allen Clarke for his comments on Melania Trump (Facebook, Getty Images)

A Baptist preacher in Missouri has gone on leave after facing flak over comments he made about appearances of women, including Melania Trump. Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark came under fire for a sermon where he offered advice to wives, stating that it would stop their husbands from becoming 'distracted' by other women. The pastor's 'wisdom' also included comments about the former first lady, whom he described as 'the epic trophy wife of all time', and urged even though some women may be unable to follow in her path, they can be 'participation trophies'.

The General Baptist denomination has admonished the pastor for his comments, as a 22-minute video of his February 21 sermon, which was shared on Facebook and went viral. On March 2, it was reported that the pastor had 'taken a leave of absence' and is seeking 'professional counseling'.


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Who is Pastor Stewart-Allen Clarke?

Stewart-Allen Clark, a preacher at the First General Baptist Church in Malden, Missouri, who said that each man needs "an attractive wife", was previously a marriage counselor, and his comments raise concern over whether he should even be a preacher. Clark, who suggested that women should make themselves sexually available to their husbands, lose weight and look 'less butch', has deleted his Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Not much else is known about him.

Twitter was in an uproar on Sunday, as people wondered what had happed to Christianity, and seriously doubted the pastor's credentials.


'Pastor probably downloading Melania porn'

Twitter users used their imaginations to fill in the blanks about Pastor Clark's specific whereabouts. "Pastor Clark is probably home downloading Melania porn," suggested one.  "PASTOR SAC apparently has a hardon for Melania," said another. "I had to stop watching after he put the picture up. Too cringey. Also, imagine knowing your pastor Googled Melania Trump images during sermon prep. Just doing the Lord's work," said a Twitter user.

"Sheri Wilkinson, I do believe this Missouri man who calls himself a Pastor is having a long distance love relationship w/ Melania. Perhaps someone should tell Trump. Seriously, if a Pastor said this I would walkout & never go back," said another.





Melania Trump (Getty Images)

'95% Trump plastic, 5% water'

Some hinted at the reason why Melania had maintained her looks so well. "Melania Trump has had a fair amount of work done and easy access to $$$. This Pastor must not look at himself in the mirror! He couldn’t pass the test that he says men impose on women! I bet he looks very different from his wedding day! #Dumb," said a tweet. "I seriously need an update on how this 'pastor' is doing now after blasting women, looking like he's got the pregnancy gestation of an elephant and telling women to be more like Melania, who is 95% trump plastic and 5% water," said another.

Others were kinder to her, and shared old pictures of her, noting how she's a slave to the whims of her husband Donald Trump. "I wonder if the Missouri pastor knows this is Melania Trump before $100k of plastic surgery. I'd also like to know if he thinks she's an "epic trophy wife" because of her looks, or because she silently accepts the humiliation of her husband repeatedly cheating on her," said a tweet.




'Is that Rosemary's baby, or just beer?'

Others agreed that the pastor was one to talk, when he was the one bursting at his seams, in the midsection. "How many foreign bodies are in Melania's body? I'm talking things like silicone, and plastic" Also, does this pastor have Rosemary's baby growing in his belly, or is that all beer? The fat-shaming continued with comments like, "Fat Pastor urges women to look as good as Melania Trump."



Donald Trump and Melania Trump (Getty Images)

'Good looking ladies don't like ugly men'

A Twitter user brought things into perspective, saying: "Maybe this ‘pastor’ can start by getting in shape and paying attention to his own appearance. Good looking ladies don’t like ugly looking men. Unless like Melania, who don’t care because her aim was money; not the men." Another, posting the picture of a good-looking man, said, "If Pastor Stewart Alan Clark wants wives to look like Melania Trump, then maybe the husbands should look like this." "Good #SundayThoughts, TwitterVerse! Why is a Missouri pastor's admiration for Melania Trump, trending? Apparently, his sermon suggested females do more to look nice, & it wasn't received, well. This is why I have no man. LookingGood gets Her hated, by Her," said another, posting a clip of Jane Russell from 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'.

A Twitter user wondered what happened to Christianity. "What happened to Christianity? Now a pastor wants all women to lose weight and aspire to look like Melania? Is he crazy? Less makeup is better, weight does not matter if healthy, age is who you are, forget surgery. Women should rebel and every man should help them."





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