Where is Melania Trump? Mystery grows as reports emerge of First Lady skipping G7 and North Korea summits

Where is Melania Trump? Mystery grows as reports emerge of First Lady skipping G7 and North Korea summits
Melania Trump (Source:Getty Images)

The First Lady's absence from public events for nearly a month has sparked concerns about her whereabouts as people across the country are taking to social media with jokes and memes, asking one question on everyone's minds, 'Where exactly is Melania Trump?'

Further fueling the mystery on Melania Trump's disappearance, her spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, on Sunday told ABC that the first lady will not be accompanying President Trump to the G7 meeting in Quebec, nor to the North Korea summit in Singapore, according to reports.

Melania Trump had joined President Trump for his G7 trip to Italy last year. The first lady had also joined spouses of other G7 leaders at public events in 2017. The spokesperson gave no reason why the first lady was giving a miss to the important events. Speculations doing the rounds on social media about her absence include frission in the Trump marriage or a medical issue.

Grisham, however, said that Melania Trump is expected to attend a White House event on Monday honoring Gold Star military families but the reception will not be accessible to the press.

U.S. President Donald Trump escorts U.S. first lady Melania Trump after she spoke in the Rose Garden of the White House May 7, 2018 in Washington, DC. (Getty Images)


The first lady was last seen on May 10 greeting Americans released from North Korea's detention. She was later in news for checking into the Walter Reed Medical Center for treatment on May 14. The White House said that the first lady was admitted for a benign kidney condition. She did not leave the medical facility until May 19, according to reports.

Latest reports state that Melania Trump did not even join President Trump for a rare visit to Camp David this weekend. Camp David is the country retreat used by a lot of Presidents, however, Trump generally prefers visiting his resort in Mar-A-Lago, Florida instead.

President Trump arrived at the Camp David on Friday afternoon, however, the White House released a statement saying the first lady would not be joining her husband.


During her long absence, there has been just a single tweet posted from her official social media account, which says that she was "feeling great" and "working hard" at the White House. However, there have been speculations regarding the tweet too, with many pointing out that the writing style was so remarkably like her husband's. The tweet also took a dig at the national media speculation her whereabouts.  

Grisham, while talking to ABC last Wednesday, had said that the first lady was "doing really well." The spokesperson added that the first lady has been "involved in several internal meetings with staff ... We’ve been going over initiatives and other long-term planning for events such as the congressional picnic and Fourth of July."


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