Melania mocked, but Kamala praised? Double standards for similar Timberland boots sparks fury on social media

While Kamala Harris was declared cool for her sneaker-like version of the footwear, Melania was trolled for donning similar shoes in 2018

                            Melania mocked, but Kamala praised? Double standards for similar Timberland boots sparks fury on social media
Melania Trump and Kamala Harris (Getty Images/Twitter)

Just three words can be enough to express what you feel. Something similar happened when a Twitter user took to the micro-blogging site to type three words: Spot the difference! The topic was two popular women — First Lady of the United States Melania Trump and Democratic vice presidential nominee for the 2020 election Kamala Harris — and their boots. Yes, you heard that right. It was their Timberland boots that created a ruckus on social media. Can't believe it? Well, it's true. 

A Yahoo! report on Harris complimented her for the choice of shoes and said, "What better validation of Timberland ruggedness — mixed with comfort — than Harris’ entire day in them. And what better signal to shoppers that Timbs could be cool again — maybe not early '90s cool — but cool now that Harris is wearing a sneaker-like version of the iconic footwear."

Meanwhile, a story on Melania by Yahoo! from 2018 bashed her for a similar pair of boots. "To take selfies with soldiers and speak military members, FLOTUS wore a suede mustard belted blouse with dark green pants," the article read, adding, "The Timberland boots are being called an 'out of touch' style selection by some on Twitter." Not just Yahoo!, many other news outlets featured similar articles on the two women and it soon grabbed many eyeballs.

"Spot the difference," a Twitter handle @SomeBitchIKnow posted the two screenshots side-by-side and this attracted a lot of attention with over 1,000 retweets and over 3,000 likes. "I spent like five minutes putting that together in MS Paint I hope u love it," the user added. It didn't take much time for Internet users to notice the bias. 


Amy Kremer — a political activist associated with the Tea Party movement — tweeted the two screenshots and said: "I’ve never seen such media bias in my life... Over #timberland boots! Freaking shoes people. Shoes! #Timbs." Her tweet soon went viral with almost 2,000 likes. Well, the word had already spread around on social media as many people took to Twitter to outrage over the double standards.


"TDS is so real. Melania, FLOTUS & accomplished career model, deserves to be on every cover of every magazine. Kamala doesn't deserve to be anywhere but a jail she advocated locking non-violent criminals in. How is this stark difference not talked about more?" one Twitter user posted. Sharing the article, one Twitter user said, "I hate our news media with a fiery passion." 



One Twitter user wrote, "Fashion | Of course, the right would call for a boycott of Timberland boots after Kamala Harris wore them, and no, there is no comparison with this and Melania Trump being mocked for wearing them," and another posted, "Seriously??? Melania looks fab, serviceable, casual and stylish Timberland boot... Kamals looks out of place!!!"



Isn't it ironic that two women wearing similar shoes get different reactions? Sigh! 

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