Melania Trump keeps the same hairstyle to make people feel like they know her, claims stylist

Melania Trump keeps the same hairstyle to make people feel like they know her, claims stylist
Melania Trump (Getty Images)

Melania Trump refuses to change her hairstyle as she believes it makes the public feel more comfortable with her. 

The 49-year-old First Lady of the United States has reportedly created her own hairstyle to suit her role and ensures that it is the one thing about her looks that remains constant.

The mother of one has no intention to change her hairstyle anytime soon, according to her longtime hairstylist Mordechai Alvow.

Alvow revealed that the two had worked hard to find a consistent look in order to make the public feel 'more comfortable' with her, reported Yahoo Beauty

"We took into account that she'll suddenly be in the public eye in a big way. We wanted a consistent look that allowed the public to feel more connected to her. When you're new to people and suddenly so much in the public eye, people are looking for a sense of stability of some sort," he shared. 


"When your hair looks the same, it helps people feel like they know you—it helps them feel more comfortable," he added.

However, the hairstylist believes that Melania will want to change things around in the future. "Once you're an established public figure and people know who you are and what you stand for, then I think you can change things up more," he went on to say.

Alvow had also shared that Melania's looks were inspired by Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve and film noir.

Alvow's insight comes after a fashion psychologist had explained why Melania is often pictured wearing sunglasses. As reported by Express, Dawnn Karen, the CEO of Fashion Psychology Success, believes that Melania uses sunglasses as shield from public scrutiny.

"She tends to wear sunglasses and hats to shield herself from the public eye. As she's stated in previous interviews, she often feels as though she is being bullied," Karen added.


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