Melania Trump branded 'hypocrite' as ex-aide slams FLOTUS' anti-bullying crusade: 'What has she done for children?'

Melania's ex aide, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, also accused Melania of 'playing with the truth' during her first solo campaign speech

                            Melania Trump branded 'hypocrite' as ex-aide slams FLOTUS' anti-bullying crusade: 'What has she done for children?'
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Melania Trump's former advisor, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, slammed the first lady on Thursday, October 29, calling her "hypocritical" and accused her of "bullying" her during a campaign speech and then launching into a speech about her anti-bullying Be Best initiative. Melania, during her first solo campaign speech on Tuesday, October 27, took a swipe at her former advisor Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, accusing the media of focusing on "idle gossip" and "baseless claims" from former employees, calling them a distraction. 

"The fact that she says she cares about children, what has she done for children? Nothing," Wolkoff told the Daily Mail, referring to Melania's Be Best initiative, which focuses on children and is centered around the message of anti-bullying. Wolkoff, the author of The No. 1 New York Times Bestseller 'Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship,' stated that Melania finally showed what she is all about during her campaign trail. "Melania [had] the opportunity to actually say something of value and importance to the American people, and instead, she's bullying me. Her Be Best initiative is all about kindness and anti-bullying, yet she continues to attack me. For her to even utter the words of kindness and respect is hypocritical," she said.

First Lady Melania Trump speaks to Trump supporters before her husband President Donald Trump gives a campaign speech just four days before Election Day outside of Raymond James Stadium on October 29, 2020 in Tampa, Florida. (Getty Images)

The former aide added that although she was surprised that Melania had mentioned her during her speech, she was not surprised that she "plays with the truth." Wolkoff, who had a falling out from the Trump administration after being Melania's close friend for nearly 15 years, said that she was responsible for organizing President Donald Trump's inauguration party, which raised $107 million dollars, and eventually prompted an investigation into where the money actually went. IT was later revealed that Wolkoff's firm had received $26 million out of the fund for its services, and much of the rest was distributed to other vendors. Wolkoff, who was given $482,000 in the fee, has since said that she was made the scapegoat at the time when she had not done anything wrong. Meanwhile, the first lady claimed that she was not aware of the payments and consequently terminated Wolkoff's contract. The former senior adviser, however, clarified that she was not fired by Melania and that she had already left her position in the administration by the time the contract termination was announced.

"Had Melania just told the truth that I didn't get fired, none of this would have happened to me," Wolkoff told the outlet. "Melania said she couldn't support me because she was told by White House counsel that there was going to be an investigation into the finances of Trump’s inaugural committee. What she was really saying was that I was going to take the fall and there was nothing she could about it. That’s when I knew she didn’t have my back and that’s when I pressed record. I was now branded a criminal. I had to prove my innocence."

Melania, shortly after the Justice Department filed a suit against Wolkoff over her recent memoir, released a statement, claiming that Wolkoff "hardly knew me" and was "trying to distort my character." Melania also slammed her former aide, saying she should be "looking within at her own dishonest behavior."

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