Melania finds it 'hard not to show her emotions' after realizing Trump 'isn't good for her': Expert

Melania finds it 'hard not to show her emotions' after realizing Trump 'isn't good for her': Expert
There has been media speculation about a possible divorce between Donald Trump and Melania Trump (Getty Images)

Former first lady, Melania Trump might have realized that sticking by her husband, former President Donald Trump through thick and thin might not have been a wise decision. After realizing that the ex-POTUS "isn't good for her," Melania struggles to "not show her emotions" in public, a relationship expert has claimed.

Trump and Melania's marriage has always been something of a hot topic for gossip-mongers, even after the 45th president lost the 2020 election and was forced to leave the White House. During the former first couple's tenure in Washington DC, the mother-of-one was caught on camera multiple times pulling her hand away from her husband in public, suggesting that all was not well in their relationship. Rumors of a possible split were floated after former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman claimed that Melania may divorce her husband once they are out of the White House. 


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The rumors were further fueled when Melania was seen walking away and leaving Trump alone in front of cameras as soon as they arrived in Florida on the day of President Joe Biden’s inauguration, seemingly unbothered by her husband's loss.




Her behavior was so dramatic that Twitter users couldn't help comment on the obvious tension between them, with one tweet saying: "Melania Trump so happy this s**t show is over get them divorce papers ready sis".


Life coach and author John Kenny, founder of Interpersonal Relationship Coaching (IRC), commented on the couple's relationship, saying that Melania’s actions suggest that she may not be happy with her husband. “She may realize that she has chosen to be with someone that isn't good for her, as her actions dictate, that even in public she finds it hard not to show her emotions,” the relationship expert told Daily Star. “This comes out in her body language and behavior.”

Kenny added that Melania's recent outrage over divorce rumors could be because she is tired of "struggling with people highlighting her real emotions."

The "outrage" Kenny is referring to is the statement released by the newly established Office of Melania Trump back in February in retaliation to a CNN article that suggested the former first lady and her husband are heading for divorce. "Mrs. Trump is no longer First Lady. She is a private citizen, mother, & wife," the statement read. "Sources in this article are not affiliated w her nor have insight into her thoughts or daily life. CNN’s FLOTUS Correspondent choosing to publish false gossip illustrates the media’s unhealthy obsession." According to Kenny, the statement is an indication that Melania is facing difficulty in accepting the truth, "especially" because she is "being constantly reminded of it."

President Donald Trump and first Lady Melania Trump participate in an event on the South Lawn of the White House on July 04, 2020 in Washington, DC. (Getty Images)


"Her comment about an 'unhealthy obsession' about her relationship is likely because of the emphasis she is placing on it herself,” Kenny explained.

The last people heard from the former first lady was on Saturday, March 20, when she took to Twitter to mark her teenage on, Barron Trump's 15th birthday. "Happy birthday BWT," she wrote, adding three red heart emojis. The BWT stands for her son's birth name, "Barron William Trump". Her post also had a picture of balloons saying 15 (Barron's age), but they were black. While chic, it was a striking contrast with last year's silver balloons with the number 14 for her son's birthday. As a result, she got trolled for the post, with a number of users branding it "ominous" and "evil."

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