'Before-after' photos emerge as Melania Trump denies having cosmetic surgery done: 'I’m against Botox'

Melania Trump said time and again that she was all natural and she would age gracefully like her mother had

                            'Before-after' photos emerge as Melania Trump denies having cosmetic surgery done: 'I’m against Botox'
Melania Trump (Getty Images)

Even as people have talked about the drastic change in appearance of Melania Trump, when compared to photos from her younger days of modeling before she started dating Donald Trump (who was then a business mogul), the First Lady has time and again denied that she went under the knife for the sake of beauty.

This week, IBT dug up an old interview Melania did with GQ magazine back in 2016, where she claimed that the popular belief that she has gotten cosmetic surgery done on her face and rumor that she was used to having botox injections administered on her to keep her skin looking youthful were completely false.

“I’m against Botox. I’m against injections. I think it’s damaging your face, damaging your nerves. It’s all me. I will age gracefully, as my mom does,” Melania said.

She also scoffed at the suggestion that she had her breasts augmented by artificial means. “I didn’t make any changes,” she said. “A lot of people say I am using all the procedures for my face. I didn’t do anything. I live a healthy life, I take care of my skin and my body."

First Lady Melania Trump attends the Shamrock Bowl Presentation with Prime Minister Leo Varadkar of Ireland at the White House on March 14, 2019 in Washington, D.C. (Getty Images)

However, eagle-eyed netizens were not convinced by the First Lady's denial as many noticed that the mother-of-one looked a lot different in her photos from the past.

“I don’t understand why people lie about plastic surgery and Botox they have had when pictures tell all. Unfortunately, plastic surgery cannot fix the evil you have on the inside. Melania has been complicit with traitor Trump from Obama birther conspiracy to putting kids in cages!” one Twitter user commented recently, alluding to the current administration's infamous zero-tolerance policy when it comes to immigration which continues to separate families at the borders. 

Another social media user wrote: “Melania Trump claims she hasn’t had plastic surgery and is against Botox. I guess lies run in the Trump family, right? You guys be the judge of this."

Yet a third commented: “I peed my pants a little at this. Listen, I don’t care what someone chooses to do to make themselves feel better, to each her own. But don’t insult my intelligence with this nonsense. She hasn’t had surgery and Trump isn’t orange, sure."

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