Mel B has been banned from her own home after allegedly breaching court order

The Spice Girls star was banned from her home in Hollywood after she was accused of allegedly breaching court order

                            Mel B has been banned from her own home after allegedly breaching court order
Mel B (Getty Images)

'Spice Girls' star Mel B has been barred from entering her own home by a judge as part of her current ongoing battle with her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte. 

As reported by The Sun, Belafonte's lawyers took pictures of the star and some of her friends allegedly taking items from the property which they filed to the court. The pictures were obtained by the Sun Online and allegedly show Mel B 'violating a court order' by entering the couple's former marital home with her friends on May 25. 

On January 2 earlier this year, a court order ruled "no third party or family member" was allowed access into the home. The pictures obtained show Mel B and her friends removing items from a garage and placing them into a rented U-Haul truck. This was before Mel was temporarily given sole use of the home. 

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte (Getty Images)

In the court filings, she claimed that the house had become an "animal house" with her ex-husband holding wild and crazy parties without any permission. However, Belafonte slammed Mel with a restraining order claiming that she had lied about him both in and outside of the court and she wanted him dead. 

A judge at the Los Angeles Superior Court is fed up with the feuding pair and seems to have lost his patience. He has warned them that neither of them is allowed access to the property. 

In new court papers, both Mel and Stephen have been allowed one day to remove their belongings from the garage under supervision after which they are both banned from the property. The court order reads that aside from that date, "neither party is to have access to the residence."

The judge will decide whether Mel B breached the court order or not in a hearing that will take place in July. The luxury home in Hollywood is priced at $7.5 million but the court ordered them to lower the price to $6.5 million.

Stephen's request for a domestic violence restraining order against Mel will also be in July, as stated by the documents. 

Last December the couple chose to get divorced after being married for 10 years and are amidst a vicious battle over their marital home and custody of their children.

Stephen says Mel's behavior towards him has definitely impacted his mental and physical well-being. 

In the court papers that were filed last week, "I am in fear of what Mel B will do next and what additional harm she will continue to cause me. She will stop at nothing to try and destroy me." 

He went on to add that she tried to "emotionally and psychologically abuse me, harass me, destroy me publicly and personally to the point where I have already been hospitalized twice due to my anxiety, stress and high blood pressure."

He said that Mel's behavior, "has led to me receiving death threats, threats of physical harm and has resulted in my inability to work in my field given the false allegations and lies she continues to perpetuate." He also claims that the former X Factor star also attempted to get two other women to "falsely allege" that he raped them.