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Meidas Touch attack ad makes shocking allegations against Trump

The video was a compilation of brief snippets of Trump's relationship with convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his former confidante Ghislaine Maxwell
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Minutes after the left-wing political action committee Meidas Touch put out a new attack ad against President Donald Trump, it quickly became one of the top trends on Twitter.

The video was a compilation of brief snippets of Trump's relationship with convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, his former confidante Ghislaine Maxwell and close acquaintance Prince Andrew — all of whom have been accused of being involved in an underage sex trafficking ring. A clip of a news report in the ad said, "Donald Trump in 2002 said of Epstein, 'He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do and many of them are on the younger side.'" Although Trump was photographed on a number of occasions with Prince Andrew dating back to 2000, he denied knowing him personally during a press conference, calling the latter's friendship with Epstein a "tough story". 

The attack ad also showed instances where he personally made comments or allegedly agreed with other people making remarks aimed at objectifying his daughters, Ivanka and Tiffany, at least one of whom was a minor at the time. In an Inside Edition interview, the interviewer remarks, "Your daughter, can I say this, she's a piece of a**." Trump agrees, replying, "She's beautiful." In another instance, he is heard saying that Ivanka has always been "very voluptuous". In a separate 1994 Inside Edition interview, the host asks Trump, "What does Tiffany have of Marla (Trump's second wife and Tiffany's mother)?" Trump says, "She's got Marla's legs," adding, "we don't know whether or not she's got this part yet," referring to the upper half of the body.

The clip concluded with Trump and Ivanka laughing at a radio host's suggestion that the president was familiar with sexual predators. A woman's voice from the backdrop yelled, "You are one!" to which Ivanka laughed aloud and Trump gave an amused grin, nodding and saying, "It's true. That's true." Trump was also seen in the video boasting about how he was allowed to enter the women's dressing room at the Miss USA pageant because he owned it. 

The Meidas Touch video was captioned, "Retweet if you are ready to use the Republican playbook against Republicans. Donald Trump cannot be trusted with children and damn sure can’t be trusted to lead the country." Following the release of the scathing video, the sick trend under the hashtag "PedoTrump" started to go viral on Twitter. The hashtag was originally tweeted by Meidas Touch.

People immediately began reacting to the video as they condemned Trump's "repulsive" behavior. "Anyone ever seen a man put his preteen daughter on their lap as much as Donald Trump?" one wrote, while another said, "He is beyond repulsive. If you have ever met a little girl, been a little girl, and/or don’t want little girls to be abused by depraved, demented men like our disgusting POTUS, just say no to (the hashtag)." A third said, "Jezus even his own daughter admitted he was a sexual predator on video during the Howard Stern interview."

There were also those who could not understand why the sick trend was becoming popular since the allegations brought against Trump were not new. "Why is (the hashtag) barely trending now when he has actively bragged about going into little girl's dressing rooms and was on epstein's book? seems like something libs would be smart to attack constantly but none of them talk about it," a user wrote. Another one made it clear that they do not care about the conduct shown by Trump as a person if he continued to be a competent president. "This video is from years ago. What he does in his personal life I don't care. if he likes little girls (which I don't think he does) that's his issue, not mine. as long as he can do his job witch he is doing. he's good by me. #Trump2020," the person wrote.

Some Republicans sided with Trump despite the allegations made against him in the video, many of them turning some of the same accusations against Biden. "The same people making (the hashtag) trend are also militantly defending Cuties and child sexual abuse as 'art.' Let that sink in," one wrote, while another commented, "Twitter is now pushing (the hashtag) to trend despite years of videos of Biden smelling and touching kids. This website is truly becoming unhinged."