Ahead of covering the Royal Wedding, Megyn Kelly claims her daughter's a "feminist" because she doesn't want to marry a prince

Megyn Kelly talks about her daughter being a budding feminist and how she does not think about marrying a Prince.

                            Ahead of covering the Royal Wedding, Megyn Kelly claims her daughter's a "feminist" because she doesn't want to marry a prince
Megyn Kelly (Source : Getty Images)

Megyn Kelly is one of the lucky ones who get to cover the royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry which is scheduled to take place on May 19. While people would be eager to grab this opportunity, her daughter, Yardley Evans is not so thrilled about this. 

Talking to People, Megyn revealed her daughter was “a little disappointed,” when she got to hear the news because it would mean that Megyn will be off mom duty and will not be able to attend her recital. “Yardley has her own performance that she would like me to be at this Friday, and Mom had to explain that there’s something else I’ve got to do,” she told the magazine. Even though Yardley was not so happy about this, she did reveal to her mom that she would never want to marry a Prince. 

 “It was actually kind of cute because then she gave me the most adorable little soliloquy on how she does not want to marry a prince because she wants to be in control of her own life. She’s 7!” she recalled. “She wants to make her own decisions and she doesn’t want someone telling her that she can only eat with her left hand and never the right."


Megyn believes Harry and Meghan are unlike any other couple (Photo by Andrew Parsons - Pool/Getty Images)

Even though Megyn was not pleased with the idea of missing on her daughter's recital, she was happy to know that there was a possibility she was raising a feminist in her family. “She says, ‘That’s her choice and that’s hers to make, I’m not judging her choice, but it wouldn’t be my choice," she added. 

"So, unfortunately, I’m missing Yardley’s recital, but I’ve also learned that I think I have a budding feminist in the house. She’s all about female empowerment.” Meanwhile, Megyn is thrilled to be the one to cover the royal wedding. “I’m excited,” she said. “What a fun assignment. I know from my history that depending on whatever journalist you’re talking to, they may have strong feelings for or against coverage of the royals. I’ve always been for. It’s a fun diversion, it always has been.”

Megyn added that she thinks there is something about Harry and Meghan which is not like the other royal family members. “There’s something about them,” she said.  “Their lives are fascinating to us. And we here in America grew up reading stories about royalty and princesses and normal girls becoming princesses." She added, "So whether you think that’s sexist or not, whatever your feelings [are] about that, it’s an imprint that I think most American women have that makes it fascinating to me. So I’m looking forward to seeing one of our own, an American, become a princess.”