16-year-old schoolboy hugs and kisses Meghan, apologizes to Harry: 'Hope you didn't mind me cuddling your wife'

16-year-old schoolboy hugs and kisses Meghan, apologizes to Harry: 'Hope you didn't mind me cuddling your wife'
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A 16-year-old schoolboy hugged Meghan Markle and told her that she was really 'beautiful' when she visited his school on Friday, March 6.

He also went on to apologize to Meghan Markle's husband Prince Harry for the protocol-breaking hug.

Aker Okoye had received a round of applause when he went up on stage and embraced the Duchess of Sussex while she visited the Robert Clack Upper School in Dagenham. Okoye is the head boy of the school.

The teenager later wrote a very cheeky and light-hearted apology to Prince Harry after confessing that he was 'overwhelmed and shocked' to see Meghan. Okoye was seen leaning in to give Meghan a kiss on the cheek much to the amusement of his classmates. He looked really excited and in awe of the duchess as he said into the mic, "She really is beautiful innit?"

Meghan warmly hugged head boy Aker Okoye during a school assembly (Getty Images)

Okoye felt compelled to write out an apology to Harry, the Sun reports. "Dear Harry and Meghan. Harry, hope you don't mind me writing this letter. I hope you didn't mind me cuddling your wife. I was just overwhelmed and shocked to see her arrive at my school. It was a pleasure to hear her speech and to speak in front of her as well. She is truly inspirational," he wrote. 

He also shared with the magazine that he was 'thankfully single' and no idea how a girlfriend would have reacted to his encounter with Meghan. He later revealed that "it was the best day of my life so far" and hopes that Harry will take it in the same spirit as Meghan had whom he claims 'didn't mind'. 

Harry too had recently visited Okoye's hometown but the teenager had missed him. "I nearly met you (Harry) last year when you came to East London to open the Future Youth Zone but I was away with the school. I hope to meet you one day. Good luck for the future. With kind regards, Aker."

Meghan had been visiting the school in order to give a talk for International Women's Day in what is believed to be her final solo engagement as a working member of the royal family.

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