Meghan McCain's 'Stop Asian Hate' tweet mocked, Internet says she encouraged Trump's use of 'Chinese virus'

Meghan McCain tweeted 'Stop Asian Hate' after the Atlanta spa shooting. Other tweets called her out for encouraging people to be racist by defending Donald Trump's use of "China virus" as "effective"

                            Meghan McCain's 'Stop Asian Hate' tweet mocked, Internet says she encouraged Trump's use of 'Chinese virus'
Meghan McCain, co-Host of 'The View', at the Netflix 'Medal of Honor' screening in Washington, DC (Getty Images)

The co-host of ABC's 'The View', Meghan McCain called for an end of hate against Asians, but the Internet doesn't want her to forget that she played a role in this hatred too. In the past, McCain had defended Donald Trump's use of 'China virus'.

The tweet came in response to a mass shooting that took place at a spa in Atlanta where the shooter had targetted Asians. Eight individuals lost their lives in the mass shooting, of which six were Asian women. The reason why Twitter users are mad at her is directly related to her earlier spirited defence of former president, Donald Trump, for his use of the term 'China virus' to refer to the coronavirus. 


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There were also references made to things that McCain's father, John McCain, had said in the past. One user wrote, "I’m sure this had nothing to do with calling a disease 'Kung Flu' and 'China Virus'." Another user shared, "Damn if only I can find a John McCain quote that fits this situation, oh wait," with a picture of John McCain with his racist quotes like "I hate the gooks," and "I will hate them as long as I live."

Meghan McCain attends the 2015 Trevor Project NextGen Fall Fete on November 13, 2015 in New York City. (Getty Images)


Another user in response to this said, "Language was unacceptable and he should have apologized but I can't say I can't understand his bitterness given that he was talking specifically about his torturers. There is rarely a solder in human history that wouldn't be just as bitter."

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) speaks during a press conference at the U.S. Capitol February 5, 2015 in Washington, DC. McCain and a group of bipartisan senators spoke out in favor of arming Ukrainians in their conflict with Russia.



One Twitter comment read, "How often have you condemned those who use racist slurs to associate Asian Americans with COVID-19?" To this, another person replied, "She not only never condemned people for doing it... She encouraged people TO DO IT..." One fan even quoted a media report by Daily Beast's Justin Baragona, writing, "Meghan McCain applauded President Donald Trump for insisting on calling COVID-19 the 'Chinese virus,' saying 'P.C.' liberals will get him 're-elected' if they keep harping on it. His use of the racial term is 'effective,' she said.”




Another user also quoted her words back at her and asked, "This your quote MEghan? Your true self will always shows up. You only hate Trump cause he came for “daddy”, but you agree with him, his tone, his policies, everything about him. And the reason is because you’re exactly like him but the female version. So don’t give us this now."


At that time, she had also said on her show, "There’s a lot of anger about our reliance on the Chinese government right now, and our reliance on China in so many ways. She added, “And that messaging from President Trump and his messaging from the very beginning that we need to remove our trade from China is going to be very effective going into 2020.”

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