Meghan Markle commits the ultimate fashion faux pas with a wrong bra

It looks like Meghan Markle may be wearing the wrong bra with her Roland Mouret dress while visiting Dublin

                            Meghan Markle commits the ultimate fashion faux pas with a wrong bra
Meghan Markle (Source:Getty Images)

Meghan Markle looked elegant in a grey Roland Mouret dress, which she picked for the second day of her royal visit to Dublin. But her fans couldn't help but notice that something was not right. The Duchess of Sussex, unfortunately, made a faux pas — her undergarments did not match up to the dress.

Many royal fans took to Twitter to share that she needed some help when it comes to choosing her undies: "She needs some support in the innerwear department," read a tweet. Meanwhile, others pointed out that her undergarment choice was an epic "fashion fail."

Meghan Markle in Dublin (Source: Getty Images)


Tameka Jacobs, one of Meghan's co-stars on the TV show 'Deal or No Deal' in 2006, revealed that Meghan used to allegedly stuff her bra before her appearance. While speaking to the Toronto Sun, she also said that all the models including Markle would often laugh about how much stuffing was in their bra. "Meghan’s aspirations were to win an Oscar or be on Broadway, so if you’re in a mini dress, high heels, with your boobs taped together and pushed up when what you want to do is serious acting, then it’s tough," Jacobs added.

Meghan Markle (Source: Getty Images)


The night before her wedding to Prince Harry, Meghan was seen wearing a similar Roland Mouret dress, estimated at £1,350. Royal women are normally seen carrying delicate clutch bags, but Meghan chose to accessorize her outfit with a black Fendi tote, estimated to cost around £2,890. She completed her look with a pair of Birks Snowflake diamond and white gold earrings, estimated at  £9,000.

Apart from other royal mannerisms and etiquette, Meghan has mastered the art of royal tour quick change. After a meeting with Ireland's President Michael Higgins, at his residence, Meghan quickly changed into a much more casual outfit for their visit to city's famous Croke Park. Since becoming a Duchess, this was the first time that Meghan wore pants on an official outing. She looked stunning in a Givenchy pantsuit which was a pair of black trousers with a matching blazer and a white shirt.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex visit Croke Park (Source: Getty Images)

The visit to Dublin is Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first official tour as a royal couple. For the garden party, Duchess of Sussex picked a black dress by designer Emilia Wickstead, who had publicly called out Meghan Markle's wedding dress as a rip-off of one of her creations. Emilia claimed the gown created by Givenchy’s Clare Waight Keller was identical to one of hers. 

"Her dress is identical to one of our dresses. Apparently, a lot of commentators were saying, 'It’s an Emilia Wickstead dress.' If you choose a simple design the fit should be perfect. Her wedding dress was quite loose." the DailyMail had quoted Emilia as saying. She also called out Meghan Markle's hairstyle, and commented, 'I was like, 'Hold the wisps [of her hair] back - it’s a Royal Wedding for God’s sake.'"

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their wedding day (Source: Getty Images)


After her critical comments, Emilia took to Instagram to make peace and shared, "I am extremely saddened by commentary that has appeared in the press and online over the past few days. Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Sussex, looked absolutely beautiful on her wedding day and I have the utmost admiration and respect for her. I do not think that her wedding dress was a copy of any of our designs. I have the greatest respect for Clare Waight Keller and the House of Givenchy, a huge source of inspiration to me," she added. 

Meghan is new to the royal family and its protocol though she is learning to adjust beautifully. However, she did have a minor slip-up during a party at the Buckingham Palace, recently. People's Simon Perry managed to capture the exact moment when Megan sat cross-legged next to her husband Prince Harry but quickly managed to incline her legs to maintain the 'Duchess slant' poise. 

Myka Meier, royal etiquette expert and founder/director of Beaumont Etiquette, explained that the "biggest etiquette mistakes a lady can make" is to cross her legs at the knee. Meier said women should sit with their knees and ankles together as a sign of modesty, "It’s sophisticated, protects vulnerabilities and looks fabulous in photos. The 'Duchess slant' has been adopted at royal outings when a lady 'has to sit for an extended amount of time' while keeping poise and posture."

Meghan Markle doing the 'Duchess Slant' while on royal duty with the Queen (Source: Getty Images)


"It is the perfect pose for when a camera is shooting directly in front of you because by slightly slanting the knees to create a zig-zag effect when wearing a dress or skirt, your legs are angled so that the camera only shoots the sides of your legs and protects your modesty," Meier added. 

Unfortunately, since she is a "working royal," she has to follow a stricter set of rules as compared to Princess Eugenie who was born into the royal family. One of the things that Eugenie is allowed to do and Meghan can't, is to wear dark shades of nail polish. Eugenie has been seen sporting colors like dark purple and red, unlike Meghan who has to stick to the neutral shades or at most pink. Prior to her engagement to Harry, Meghan would often wear darker shades of nail polish. 

Since getting married to Prince Harry, Meghan was also forced to give up her social media accounts including her extremely successful lifestyle blog - The Tig.