Royal expert claims Meghan Markle will not meet Donald Trump on his UK visit due to her 'convenient' maternity leave

Royal expert claims Meghan Markle will not meet Donald Trump on his UK visit due to her 'convenient' maternity leave
Donald Trump (Source:Getty Images)

Meghan Markle will be missing out on meeting President Donald Trump when he visits Britain because of her 'convenient' maternity leave which gives her an 'excuse' not to meet him, a royal expert has claimed. 

POTUS and First Lady Melania Trump are going to be the Queen's guests and will be meeting many senior royals while on their three-day visit to Britain. However, according to a royal expert, Duncan Larcombe, Meghan will not be attending the meeting as she is on maternity leave. He shared with The Sun, "I’m told that there are no plans for Meghan to meet President Trump."

Meghan Markle will not have to meet President Donald Trump when he comes on his visit to the UK (Source: Getty Images)

"Not as a snub because – how shall we say – it’s a quite convenient period of maternity leave so she won’t be working. The fact she’s on maternity leave obviously gives her an excuse," he continued. The Buckingham Palace is yet to reveal the royals who will be meeting Donald Trump though a spokesperson shared that the Queen would be welcoming the Donald and Melania Trump. 


"The Queen will welcome the President and First Lady. Further details in relation to the attendance of other Members of the Royal Family will be released in due course," the spokesperson shared. 

Meghan had previously campaigned against Trump becoming the president in 2016 and had instead chosen to back Hilary Clinton to be president instead. At the time, she said, "I’m voting for Hillary Clinton, not because she is a woman, but because Trump has made it easy to see that you don't really want that kind of world that he's painting."

Donald Trump and Melania Trump will be visiting the UK for three days  in June (Source: Getty Images)

According to Larcombe, had it not been for her pregnancy, the Duchess of Sussex would have also had to meet Trump. He further added how the visits are not about the "personality of the president or the opinion of the royals" but about the special relationship that the US shares with the UK. Meghan's earlier opinion on Trump's election was not valid anymore because "everything has changed," Larcombe shared. 


Larcombe also revealed that Prince Harry would not be "forced" to go to a state banquet should there be one, but it would be strange if he was not present. He added how Meghan (who is American)'s marriage to Harry meant he had to go. Trump will be visiting the UK more than two years after Prime Minister Theresa May had offered a full state visit when they met at the White House in 2017. 

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