Meghan Markle's sister Samantha hopes to finally meet the royal couple after their honeymoon

Meghan Markle's sister Samantha hopes to finally meet the royal couple after their honeymoon
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Source:Getty Images)

Just days after the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took place, the Duchess of Sussex's sister, Samantha Grant came forward and opened up about her thoughts on the wedding and how their dad, Thomas Markle, was keeping up. 

Appearing on 'Ed, Grant & Em,' Samantha said that the wedding of Harry to Meghan was "heartwarming" to watch.

However, she added that she hasn't spoken to Meghan even now. The talk then turned towards how Thomas was doing.

"He is recovering, still in the hospital. He certainly did have a heart attack it was not fake – media rubbish," she said adding that Thomas was seeking treatment in California. 

This comes after Thomas was spotted stopping by a Starbucks drive-thru to grab a Frappuccino. During the interview, Samantha also defended herself after accusations poured in stating that she was trying to profit from Meghan's wedding. "It’s not cashing in to share fond memories," she said. At the same time, she stated that she was fine with not being invited to the wedding due to congestion overseas.

She was alright with watching the wedding from home (Photo by Bruce Adams - WPA Pool/Getty Images)


"No one on my father's or Dora's side of the family were invited. We really felt like you can't hold that against her," she said. Samantha revealed that she had purchased a gift for Meghan and she hopes to give it to her one day.

"The traffic there would have been chaotic I was more comfortable watching it at home," she added. Even though Samantha seemed to be content with sitting at home and watching the wedding, her dad, Thomas had some mixed feelings. 

"It was quite difficult for him as much as he wanted to be there to walk her down the aisle and on the other hand it was a huge honor that Prince Charles walked her down the aisle on his behalf," she said.

"So it was bitter but definitely sweet at the same time." When the host of the show told Samantha that she might have cashed in using Meghan and her memories, Samantha justified saying she had the right to. 

"Here’s what’s fundamentally wrong if family and friends don’t make money, the journalist and tabloids are going to make money and they have less right," she explained. She also stated how much she has made out of it. "Well, uh, you know, I think it was obvious from the beginning … I still don’t have a wheelchair-accessible house so it’s not that much," she noted. "Just to give people a snapshot of how it really was — if I do one interview and they pay me $1,500, 10,000 publications will copy that and write their own story, that’s how it works." 

Meanwhile, another host asked her why she thought she had the right to make money off her sister and she replied, "It’s not off her … it’s off my personal photos that I was in, so if they're my memories, my life experiences, my photos, I certainly have more right to make money off them than any journalists or tabloid photographer," she said. She also addressed the issue about her dad staging photos. 

"I didn’t call them, they called me and regards to the photos of my father, the only photos that were staged were of his normal lifestyle," she said. "The only photos of him that were, quote, staged, were the ones of him engaging in a normal lifestyle because he had been purposely depicted in an unfavorable light."

She plans on meeting the couple after they return from honeymoon (Photo by Ben Birchall - WPA Pool/Getty Images)


She further added, "He did not accept any reasonable sum of money for them, the only ones who made money were the photographers, and he had turned down interviews twice during the year which were upwards of $50,000, so clearly he wasn’t money-motivated." Samantha clarified that they were many things in the media which she said and were taken in the wrong way but all she has is love for her "baby sister". 

"She’s my baby sister and I love her and I was so proud to watch her have that happy moment and any disagreements that you’ve had melt away when there is that level of happiness," she said. As of now, Samantha hopes to reconcile with Meghan after Harry and she is back from their honeymoon. 

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