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‘Don’t give up’: Meghan Markle reveals 'very influential and inspiring' woman kept her going as an activist

Meghan Markle discussed the reason why activism and 'big ideas' from women are 'often deemed audacious,' intending to make them 'feel small'
UPDATED NOV 16, 2022
Meghan Markle presents 'The Archetypes' episode called, 'The Audacity of the Activist' as she discusses ongoing protests in Iran and activism (Toby Melville - WPA Pool/Getty Images)
Meghan Markle presents 'The Archetypes' episode called, 'The Audacity of the Activist' as she discusses ongoing protests in Iran and activism (Toby Melville - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Meghan Markle in the latest episode of her podcast ‘The Archetypes’ talks about how a "very, very influential and inspiring" woman pressed her to continue activism when she married Prince Harry in 2018. The Duchess of Sussex hosted Jameela Jamil and Shohreh Aghdashloo, in her episode named ‘The Audacity of the Activist’, where the three discussed the "taboo" and "stereotypes" associated with women's activism.

While talking with Aghdashloo, an American-Iranian actress about the ongoing protests in her home countries over strict hijab rules, which led to the alleged death of 22-year-old woman, Mahsa Amini, by morality police, Meghan recalled one incident. “It reminded me of a message that was shared with me just a few days before my wedding by a very, very influential and inspiring woman who for her own privacy, I won't share who it was with you. But she said to me, 'I know that your life is changing but please don't give up your activism, don't give up because it means so much to women and girls,'” she said.


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Meghan during her Spotify podcast series, admitted that her words inspired her to keep going on and never give up on raising her voice for women and girls, “And I kept doing the work for women and girls because it matters, yes, but also because she encouraged me to do so.” Then bringing Jamil back in the conversation, she discussed the reason why activism and "big ideas" from women are "often deemed audacious," intending to make them "feel small." The 41-year-old went on to add that women get "no credit and all the blame," reports the Daily Mail.

Meghan then thanked Jamil for supporting and "fighting back" for her when the royal had "demonished" her ever since she got into a relationship with Harry. The 36-year-old actress was quick to bring back the spotlight on Meghan and said, “It's just it's an unfathomable amount of s*** that you take Meghan. I can't believe it. And I fought back on your behalf for years before I'd ever met you because I was so outraged by the twisting of this, very normal, very kind, very civilised woman. That demonisation just shows how afraid they are of you.”

The British actress and influencer added, “I also just want to thank you, in a way that you know I probably didn't get to at the time, but during some of my hardest moments where I'm being the most maligned and harmed by the media, and also by the public. You have been such a sobering voice of unwavering support to me. And people don't know that you frequently reach out to women who are having a very very hard time.”

Jamil was referring to the time when she felt suicidal amid the slamming she received for her words or actions, and revealing how Meghan reached out to her, and many other women like her, “You reach out to us. You don't do it publicly. You don't come to get any glory, but you privately reach out to us in our most lonely and desperate moments. And we need more of that in the world.”