Meghan Markle's sister Samantha confirms she's doing Celebrity Big Brother

Meghan Markle's sister Samantha confirms she's doing Celebrity Big Brother
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Meghan Markle's sister Samantha Markle, who Olivia Munn recently labeled "crazy," is set to join 'Celebrity Big Brother,' Samantha has confirmed. The 53-year-old has caused no shortage of drama for the new member of the British royal family and people are already speculating what theatrics she will be upto on the reality television show.

Samantha's relationship with the Duchess of Sussex hasn't been peaceful and she even penned a tell-all book about their early years (yet to be published 'The Diary Of Princess Pushy') and setting up paparazzi shots of their father Thomas Markle that angered the royal family prior to the royal wedding this year.

Samantha's relationship with the new royal hasn't been very smooth in recent times (Getty Images)

Samantha told the 'Inside Edition' that she will be joining the line-up for 'Celebrity Big Brother' when it launches on Channel 5 next month.

When Samantha was asked by host Megan Alexander about why was she joining the show, she replied: ‘Why not? Life is about cashing in. You take opportunities as they arise and hopefully you enjoy the ride and make it as positive as you can.

"There's nothing wrong with it," she added.

Samantha, at first insisted that she wouldn't discuss her sister inside the house, claiming, "The purpose of that show would not be to discuss her," but when the presenter pointed out that the other housemates would certainly ask her about Meghan, she replied with just "Oh…"

Samantha was one of the most vocal members of the Markle family ever since Meghan's engagement took place, and has kept the controversy burning after Meghan married Prince Harry. Most recently, she suggested that Meghan is to blame if their father Thomas dies.

This year's theme of the Celebrity Big Brother is 'Eye of the Storm,' and all the contestants joining Samantha will be people who've been involved in some sort of scandals. The rumored housemate list include Donald Trump's accuser Stormy Daniels, kidnapped model Chloe Ayling and recently-axed Strictly pro Brendan Cole among others.


If we are to go by the list, this does not necessarily sound like a place where things are going to go positive. 

However, 'Celebrity Big Brother' presenter Emma Willis dropped by 'Good Morning Britain' on Friday to address the speculations that the theme of the series had been named after signing up Stormy Daniels.

"Because the series is called 'The Eye of the Storm', people are connecting the two words together. Where has that come from?" Emma stated. "But it would be an amazing booking. I'm still waiting for the confirmed final list."

'Celebrity Big Brother' returns later this year on Channel 5.


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