Are Meghan Markle's racism claims being dismissed? Royal family 'bent over backwards to be inclusive'

Among other things, Meghan Markle and Harry told Oprah that 'the firm' did not want to provide their son, Archie, with a title or protection because he is part African-American

                            Are Meghan Markle's racism claims being dismissed? Royal family 'bent over backwards to be inclusive'
Queen Elizabeth sits and laughs with Meghan during a ceremony to open the new Mersey Gateway Bridge on June 14, 2018, in the town of Widnes in Halton, Cheshire, England. (Getty Images)

Buckingham Palace is facing a major pushback after insiders asserted that the royal family had "bent over backwards" to be inclusive as well as to "accommodate" Meghan Markle. The claims follow Markle's revelations about the racism she faced in a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Among other things, Meghan Markle and Harry also told Oprah that "the firm" did not want to provide their son, Archie, with a title or protection because he is part African-American. Markle's mother Doria Ragland is of African-American descent.

According to Markle, "there were several conversations with Harry" on the matter of Archie's skin color. The couple did not reveal the person who talked about it, saying it "would be very damaging to them". 


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Royal insiders had earlier leveled accusations of bullying against the Duchess of Sussex ahead of her tell-all interview that aired on Sunday night, on March 7. Speaking to the UK Times, a senior royal source said that up to a dozen former royal aides were “queueing up” to register complaints about how they were treated by Meghan".

According to one insider, Meghan underestimated how structured a royal life would be and the restrictions that came with her position. “She wanted to be ‘A’ list — the royal family is beyond ‘A’ list — but she wanted it the Beyoncé way, without restrictions,” the source insisted. “She was never up for royal life. Right from the start, she courted rejection.”

Aides were allegedly aghast at the suggestion that they were hostile to Markle because of her African-American heritage. “The diversity policy in the households is exemplary,” one senior royal source told the Times, adding that “they have bent over backwards to be inclusive.”

“It is absolutely wrong to say the Palace is institutionally racist. It really isn’t,” the source insisted. “Everyone bent over backwards to accommodate her," another source added. “Now they feel they’re being totally shafted and collectively made to look like racists."

A screenshot of the Sunday Times article quoting the royal source was shared by journalist Tyrone Francis, sparking a chain reaction among critics on Twitter.


"Lol. When you have to bend over backwards to be ‘inclusive’. The colonizers like to remind you to be grateful of how THEY’re making space for you," one wrote.

"Is there a race inclusive policy for Royal Family members like #MeghanMarkle because this bull**** in the Sunday Times is for servants! The constant use of the Commonwealth as a prop by the Royal Family is Unreal! Why not MARRY into the Commonwealth you are so tolerant of - uh?" another added.

"Wow! 'We’re not racist but we still benefit from the industrialization of racism through Commonwealth and still hardly employ any people from diverse backgrounds,'" a third wrote.

"Do Brits not find it odd that William, Charles, and their spouses have zero black friends? Or any friends from other classes?" another chimed in.





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