Meghan and Harry's school visit slammed as PR stunt by angry parents who were denied entry due to Covid-19

'These two just turn up and break the rules whenever they feel like it' complained one parent

                            Meghan and Harry's school visit slammed as PR stunt by angry parents who were denied entry due to Covid-19
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took a trip to a pre-school in Los Angeles recently and have been called out by angry parents who themselves were denied entry due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were evidently exempt from the ban and were able to visit the Assistance League Preschool Learning Center in order to plant flowers in memory of the late Princess Diana.

As reported by the Daily Star, Harry and Meghan had been seen wearing masks while they planted forget-me-nots alongside the toddlers who were also seen in face masks. The couple's visit to the school marked the 23rd anniversary of Diana's death and the aim of their visit was to raise awareness about at-risk children in LA. Parents of the children, however, were very disapproving of the fact that Harry and Meghan were allowed to visit and enter the school despite coronavirus restrictions in place which had also denied them entry, no matter how young their children were.

The LA County Department of Public Health has also issued strict guidelines for preschools. The guidelines state, "Modify daily operations to minimize exposures (e.g. avoid the use of touchscreens for sign-in/out, ask parents to bring their own pens to sign in, implement valet services or have staff meet children as they arrive to avoid parents coming into the childcare center)."

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attend the Commonwealth Day Service 2020 at Westminster Abbey on March 09, 2020 in London, England. The Commonwealth represents 2.4 billion people and 54 countries, working in collaboration towards shared economic, environmental, social and democratic goals (Getty Images) 

The pre-school provides care to children aged between three and five who hail from low-income families. While taking to Instagram, the Assistance League of Los Angeles had written, "The children of our Preschool Learning Centre got a wonderful surprise when The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited yesterday!" 

"In addition to helping the children replant the Preschool Learning Centre's garden, the spent time with them, sharing their appreciation for nature and helping to instil the importance of healthy eating. We truly appreciate their time and care for our students," the post read. 

Many social media users including parents commented on the pictures and expressed their disapproval. One such user, Jill Harris commented, "I could not even hold my daughter’s hand & take her into school last week when she started kindergarten. These two just “turn up & break the rules” whenever they feel like it? Sorry, but their PR photo ops & lust for fame stinks. They should be helping their patronage’s in the UK!"


Another added, "Exactly I can’t take a pencil to my child right now. NO visitors. No exceptions. They have no respect for the rules as they are “humanitarians” they are the exception? BS kids in the US have no clue what a Duke/Duchess even is but they can come in when I can’t..for a pic?!?"



Other social media users also slammed the couple for their visit. One such user shared, "Yes, it’s all for show, no way is it genuine what kind of person uses toddlers for PR? how would they like it if someone else took photos of Archie to use PR? she’d create a world war."



Another commented and added, "So they just gatecrashed the school? Or called them that they are coming as its a wonderful photo op! Tht they are bringing a photographer with them, which will help uplift their profile & eventually result in donations to pocket and spend as their personal money?"


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