Meghan Markle may follow the Obamas' footsteps and sign 'big deal' with Netflix post-Megxit

Markle is slated to narrate a Disney nature documentary as her first working initiative outside the royal engagements

                            Meghan Markle may follow the Obamas' footsteps and sign 'big deal' with Netflix post-Megxit
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As part of seeking out projects which could help Prince Harry and Meghan Markle become financially independent after officially quitting the royal family on March 31, the former actress could follow the Obamas' footsteps and sign a deal with Netflix in the future. 

HeirPod host and ABC News royal contributor Omid Scobie spoke to ABC News foreign correspondent Maggie Rulli as they discussed the type of work the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could be interested in taking up after the end of this month. Since Markle is slated to narrate a Disney nature documentary as her first working initiative outside the royal engagements, Scobie and Rulli said that we could expect more roles like these from the former 'Suits' actress in the future. 

"I think this project is a really great fit. I think it will be interesting to see what happens from there. Something like this is tastefully done, there's no reason why she can't do more of it in the future. I think, in fact, Harry and Meghan now have a really great chance to get a lot more involved in documentary production. Perhaps in the way we saw the Obamas sign a big deal with Netflix in the past. It wouldn't surprise me if something like that happens with the Sussexes at some point," Scobie opined, Express reported.

He added that it is more than likely that the pair will not want to waste the enormous platform that they have built together on just any and every project that happens to come their way. Hence, they will take their time to choose carefully. 

"I think it would be a great use of their talents. Then they could focus on the projects that are really meaningful to them. It sort of ticks all the boxes in terms of what they want to do moving forward. Of course, Harry's got his mental health series with Oprah as well. So I think you're right, that's definitely going to be something they want to pursue," Rulli said.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex depart Canada House on January 07, 2020, in London, England (Getty Images)

Rulli also drew attention to the couple's popular Instagram account, @SussexRoyal, which they have recently begun to use to impart messages of awareness of the fast-growing coronavirus pandemic across the globe. 

"Look at how many followers the Sussexes are up to now. That's a huge platform for them to really post things like hand washing. Hand washing can be pretty boring so posting that on your Instagram feed isn't something you would normally do, not in a time where there's no crisis happening. So it's pretty monumental that they're using their 11.3 million follower platform to promote things like hand washing and proper social distancing," she said. 

In their latest post, the couple stared an array of photos from hard-working health professionals, who are the first responders in a health crisis like this along with a list of instructions to follow to keep from getting infected by the deadly virus. 

"Around the world, the response from people in every walk of life, to protect and look out for their communities has been inspiring. None more so than the brave and dedicated healthcare workers on the frontline, risking their own well-being to care for the sick and fight COVID-19. Wherever you are in the world, we are all incredibly grateful. For all of us, the best way we can support health workers is to make sure we do not make their job any harder by spreading this disease further. No matter where you are, the @WHO have shared some guidelines that can help. You may have seen or heard these before, but they are as important today as ever," they wrote in the caption.

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