Meghan Markle is 'the rebel' and Kate Middleton has desire to 'rise to the top', reveals astrologer

Cheung said, 'If Meghan can calm down emotionally, and if Kate can take herself a little less seriously, there is hope for these two ambitious ladies to reconcile'

                            Meghan Markle is 'the rebel' and Kate Middleton has desire to 'rise to the top', reveals astrologer
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex at Wimbledon in London, England (Getty Images)

The royals' birth dates may give us an insight into their key characteristics, claims the popular author and expert on spirituality and astrology, Theresa Cheung. The British-based author who also writes about dreams and the paranormal said that the day people are born can reveal surprising details about their personality traits. 

Cheung's method uses a combination of psychology, eastern, western astrology, and numerology, and also calculates the correlation between the date and month of birth to decide on the personality and characteristic traits of an individual. 


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In a conversation with FEMAIL, Cheung said, "Your birthday holds the key to your personality and your birthday profile highlights potential, but everyone has a choice about how they choose to express that potential." She also added that this was why "two people born on the same day will never be exactly the same."

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is a born rebel according to her birth date (Getty Images)

Cheung gave the example of Meghan Markle and said that according to her birth date on August 4 and other astrological details, she has an "intense dislike of restraint" and a "restless nature". In comparison, she said Kate Middleton has the "desire to respect tradition and serve others". Cheung also said in addition to this, Kate also has the ability to "see the bigger picture".

She further analyzed the birth charts of both the Duchess of Sussex and Duchess of Cambridge. According to the Daily Mail, in Meghan's case, "The defining theme here is rebellion. Anyone born on this day will want to seriously challenge the status quo in some area of their life. There is an intense dislike of restraint, combined with a hatred of complacency and this can often lead them to unpredictable or unconventional behavior."

She further added, "It is in Meghan's restless nature to take the path less traveled, even if there is nothing wrong with the path others are traveling on. This is why she left England, challenged the monarchy and took Harry with her."

She also explained, "Her motivation is not money and fame. Yes, she feels she deserves both of those – as Leos are born confident and self-absorbed, like the sun that rules them they believe the world revolves around them– but it goes much deeper than that." 

She added, "Meghan's motivation is to feel extraordinary. She believes that the only way to do that is to reject the mundane, challenge the status quo and to answer to no one but herself."

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge arrives for the launch of the Hold Still campaign at Waterloo Station on October 20, 2020 in London, England. (Getty Images)

Speaking about the Duchess of Cambridge whose birth date is January 9, the author-astrologer said: "Kate is more mature than Will, Harry and Meghan and leads with her head rather than her heart. She is capable of enormous sacrifice for those she loves but she also knows how to manage her emotions and will never wear her heart on her sleeve."

According to Cheung, people born January 9 day are "energetic, dedicated and want to rise to the top, often doing whatever it takes to get and stay there" and while they might appear fragile, they have "tremendous resilience and the ability to bounce back from any setback."

Cheung also deduced how the Duchess of Cambridge was feeling after Meghan Markle revealed that it was Kate who made her cry and not the other way round during her wedding preparations. "She will be troubled by Meghan's recent accusations but will rise above that as she does everything else in her life. It is certainly possible she made an observation which, in her mind, was a helpful not a hurtful one, and this made Meghan cry. Realising her mistake, she had the maturity, humility and good grace to apologise."

During the Oprah interview, Meghan cleared up the rumor that she had made Kate Middleton cry at her wedding fitting, saying "the reverse happened". "A few days before the wedding she was upset about something—about flower girl dresses—and it made me cry, and it really hurt my feelings," she told Oprah.

So will the two duchesses ever reconcile in the future once the dust settles? Cheung said "If Meghan can calm down emotionally, and if Kate can take herself a little less seriously, there is hope for these two ambitious ladies to reconcile, but their personalities are too different for them ever to be really close."

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