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Meghan hated having her feet filmed, behaved like a 'princess' on set even before she met Harry, says cameraman

Meghan's feet became a talking point after a scar that appeared to be from bunion surgery was seen during the royal tour in New Zealand in 2018
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

An industry videographer who had worked very closely with the Duchess of Sussex before she met Prince Harry revealed that she was already called 'princess' due to her 'difficult' and 'demanding' behavior on set. 

The cameraman revealed that Meghan Markle would frequently bring a large entourage along with her on set and had everyone follow a very strict set of rules which included not to shoot her feet. Meghan's feet had become a talking point when she had taken her shoes off on a royal tour in New Zealand in 2018.  Her feet seemed to have a scar that appeared to be from bunion surgery.

It became very clear to the videographer during a shoot couple of years before that Meghan 'hates her feet'. Meghan would also insist on having very expensive champagne in the shoot and also demanded that she be given full approval on all the footage and acted as though she was a 'superstar'. 

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, foot detail, visits Te Papaiouru Marae on October 31, 2018 in Rotorua, New Zealand.  (Photo by Tim Rooke - Pool/Getty Images)

The videographer said, "She was very high maintenance and rude. She was difficult and demanding," Daily Mail reports. The videographer has chosen to remain anonymous as he still works in the industry. He shared that when he had worked on a promotional project with Meghan in Toronto, Canada, during her 'Suits' days, she had already built a reputation for being difficult. 

"People told me, ''Get ready because she is a lot'. They used to call her ''the princess'. When I saw her, right away from the moment she arrived, I didn't even know who she was and she was acting like a diva. It was the attitude, how she talked to people, the rules," he revealed. 

Meghan Markle was known to be a 'diva' and have a difficult attitude to work with (Getty Images)

"She came in wearing a (baseball) cap, hiding her face and she had her head down and just walked back towards the make-up room. It was like it was the big diva coming in, and she doesn't want people to see her, like you would do if you're walking in the street and you don't want the paparazzi to take your picture," he added. 

"So I was like, ''wow''. I wasn't impressed. Everyone thought, ''she is acting like an A-lister when she is not even a D-lister''. But it was kind of like a caricature of someone playing the superstar, you know, because a real superstar, generally unless it's a super bad day, they will play it naturally and be generous with their presence," he shared. 

“She had a team with her, like her make-up artist and publicist, and it was like something out of Mean Girls. They were a clique, looking at other people and laughing and having fun among themselves," he said describing her entourage. 

Meghan's demands also included instructions that the videographer's team was not allowed to shoot Meghan's feet. "One of my team [members] is the nicest guy and he was traumatized by the end of it because she was so mean," he shared.

He recalled how when his team member started to shoot her feet for some b-roll (supplemental footage), Meghan's team looked at him asked him what he was doing and told him, "you're done for today."

"I don't think she deserves the attention. I wasn't impressed with her and I'm just surprised she charmed the guy. She came across as very insecure and spoiled." he added.

The shoot had taken place before it was revealed that Meghan was dating none other than the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry. The videographer also revealed that Meghan had come with her own team and had a very long list of demands. 

"She was putting pressure on from the start that she was going to have to approve everything. The girl was really easy to shoot. Once you say ''action'', she knows how to do her job. But after the camera stops, she's not the most friendly person," he revealed. 

"There were all these demands – you have to get a specific type of flower, you can't film her while she is getting her make-up on, you have to get a certain brand of champagne for the shoot," he continued. "You have to ask permission to shoot anything. She's the boss. You felt like you were walking on eggshells."

Meghan is not new to such criticism, in fact, the couple’s newly launched biography, entitled 'Finding Freedom' is the current topic of discussion on a lot of social forums. Shortly after tell-all book, the videographer's claims about Meghan are only flaming the fans' ire.  Many of them said that they were not surprised. Apparently, they were convinced that Meghan really behaved like a diva. “Shocker!! Not!!” one commented.  Another reader addressed her family saying: “No surprised at all. Just look at her tabloid loving family."

However, there are some taking the DailyMail's report with a pinch of salt since Meghan and Harry recently sued the publication for publishing her personal letters to her dad, Thomas Markle Sr.