Is Megan Thee Stallion dropping 'Tina Snow 2'? Rapper changes profile name before birthday, sparks wild theories

'Tina Snow' was released in June 2018 and was Megan Thee Stallion's second EP

                            Is Megan Thee Stallion dropping 'Tina Snow 2'? Rapper changes profile name before birthday, sparks wild theories
Megan Thee Stallion changed her profile name (Instagram, theestallion)

Megan Thee Stallion geared up for her birthday, leaving fans surprised after she changed her social media profile name to Tina Snow. As soon as fans notice the change, speculations started that the 26-year-old is all set to launch the second part of the extended play and it will be titled, 'Tina Snow 2'.

In an interview with The Source, when asked about 'Tina Snow', Stallion replied saying, "Tina Snow is my alter ego and she’s the pimp and the mack. Tony Snow was one of Pimp C’s many aliases, and Pimp C is my favorite rapper. He just makes me feel so cool and so laid back. I get into my act when I listen to Pimp C so I turn myself into Tina Snow, his opposite. When people listen to me I want them to feel cool as hell. I want them to get in their act when they’re listening to Tina Snow."

And now after more than 2 years since the first part released, Stallion is probably gearing up to bring back her alter ego just like she promised! and maybe that's why her Instagram and Twitter account's name is changed to Tina Snow. 'Tina Snow' was released in June 2018, it was the name of her second EP.


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The EP's first part featured singles like 'Freak Nasty', 'Make A Bag', 'Neva', and 'Big Ole Freak', which helped the star secure a deal with 300 Entertainment in November 2018, making her the label’s first female rapper. Since then, she’s been on a promotional tear, dropping off eye-grabbing freestyles that have been shared so much on social media, she’d be a viral star just from spitting bars.

Meghan Thee Stallion's Instagram account (Instagram: theestallion)
Meghan Thee Stallion's Twitter account (Twitter: theestallion)

As soon as fans noticed that Stallion had changed her social media handles name to 'Tina Snow' her fans got all excited. One Intenet user shared the latest pictures posted by Stallion on social media and wrote, "the hair, the “tina snow” display name, we’re definitely getting tina snow part 2 soon." While another one said: "TINA SNOW 2, BITCH! It’s Meg’s Birthday, But She Finna Give Us A Birthday Gift! I love ha!"

One fan said, "hotties been begging for tina snow 2 since fever came out dyk how wild it is if she actually brings miss tina back." While another one wrote: "The gift is you changing your name to Tina Snow again .... don’t play with my heart woman ..... if you about to make Tina Snow 2 then just say dat".






While some helmed theories saying, "Megan thee Stallion changed her name to Tina Snow and now it’s snowing in Houston on her birthday.... she’s too powerful," and "Look. They changed her stage name to the street words for 'meth' and 'cocaine' That's what Tina & Snow mean.."



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