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Megan Fox's new beau Machine Gun Kelly's troublesome past includes juvenile crime, drugs and a $2M lawsuit

He is now the father of 9-year-old daughter Casie, who he thanks for changing his perception of life
UPDATED MAY 20, 2020
Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly (Getty Images)
Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly (Getty Images)

Ever since Megan Fox’s soon-to-be-former husband Brian Austin Green broke his silence about the ‘Transformers’ actress' blooming relationship with musician Machine Gun Kelly aka Colson Baker, people have been eager to learn more about her alleged new boyfriend. Apart from the reputation that he’s earned for his five studio albums and apparent romantic relationship with a string of female celebrities, you ought to know Baker for his tryst with drugs, legal issues and a highly troubled past, which goes way back to when he was a teenager. 

The 'Wild Boy' singer had a few felony charges when he was a teenager, according to Rolling Stone. Talking about the crimes he committed at the age of 14, which he refuses to specify, Baker told the publication, "I will never forget my dad’s face when I was in that courtroom. I was chained to, like, eight other homeys, too. Not my homeys – just random dudes."

Once again in 2017, he got into trouble for taking a swing at a bouncer during a Florida bar fight. Recollecting his actions that were uncalled for and which cost him a lot, Baker said, "I put my hands on a 400-pound bouncer, whose job it is to whup people's ass like mine, and he sued me for $2M!"

He is now the father of 9-year-old daughter Casie, who he shares with former partner Emma Cannon. Kelly has thanked his baby girl for changing his perception of life, but when we look back at some of his misadventures, it seems like the singer loves hanging by a thread. During the filming of one of his movies three years ago, an actor who was playing the role of a cop kept punching him in the chest, which resulted in multiple fractures. However, Kelly, who said he "would’ve whupped his f***ing ass" overlooked the physical damage the punches had caused and went on to perform a private gig soon after the incident. During the performance, he reportedly felt "like my f***ing heart is getting a bone jabbed in. Everyone thought I was on blow".

Ignoring the doctor’s advice to take a month off to recover from the chest injury, he chose to add hydrocodone to his regimen of weed, alcohol and psychedelic mushrooms. Well, it doesn’t end with just that. In 2016, he reportedly was so drunk in Denmark that he tried to imitate a stunt he had seen on television, which ended up with facial stitches and cast on one of his arms. "My foot slides down the entire front windshield…  and I f***ing face-plant right on the concrete," he said. 

It remains to be seen what lessons his alleged relationship with Fox has to offer, for he has had quite an experience with life already.