'Meet The Frasers': Alexa wants to get married but Matt does not seem happy about the idea

Alexa Papigiotis thinks it is time for her to finally walk down the aisle but Matt does not think the same.

                            'Meet The Frasers': Alexa wants to get married but Matt does not seem happy about the idea
Alexa Papigiotis (E!)

Things have been going good between Alexa Papigiotis and Matt Fraser and looking at how their relationship has been evolving, Alexa thinks it is time that they walk down the aisle. Alexa decided that she would drop hints and let Matt know that she is ready to walk down the aisle. Alexa tucked their cat in her hoodie and gave an illusion of what would look like if she were pregnant.

However, she added that before that she would like to get married. She even decided to give Matt an idea of what would be the perfect proposal for her. "My perfect proposal would be Disney World. Castle," she said. "Fireworks show goes on. 'Happily Ever After' starts playing."

Matt quickly shut the idea that it wouldn't be magical as there will be screaming children all around.

Despite this, she seemed pleased with her idea. "I have a whole wedding board on Pinterest," Alexa confessed. "I have our invitations picked, bridesmaid dresses picked out, I have the theme, I have the church, I have the venue, I have the music. I have everything." Matt was left stunned hearing this but added that he would not like the idea of having a Mickey Mouse next to him. 

"There's no need to rush into an engagement, you know? I'm gonna take my time," he said. "When I feel the time is right, it'll happen." Even though Matt shut down the idea of marriage, it is quite clear that Alexa wants it to happen one day. While speaking to her mother, Alexa revealed that as much as she wants to walk down the aisle with Matt she first wants to focus on her beauty pageant. 

She confessed that once she is done with her pageant, she would go ahead and think about marriage with Matt and eventually about having babies. Even though Alexa seems to have a plan, Matt, on the other hand, has a different idea. 

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