Meet Robin, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy in explosive origin teasers of DC Universe's 'Titans'

Meet Robin, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy in explosive origin teasers of DC Universe's 'Titans'

The countdown begins! With just two weeks left for the much-anticipated premiere of DC Universe's first web-series, 'Titans', the streaming service has uneashed its promotional juggernaut for the show.

And as part of the latest wave, a slew of action-packed teaser trailers have been dropped, chronicling the origin and power of the bunch of superheroes based on the popular Teen Titans franchise - Robin, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy. 



Out of all the other superheroes, the most mysterious and intriguing happens to be the storyline of Rachel Roth aka Raven. Right from the beginning, it's made clear that there's something dark and gritty about this young Titan, something that torments her from within and, oddly enough, helps her connect with Dick Grayson aka Robin. "My mom says there's no such thing as monsters. I think she's wrong," says the Teagan Croft-played Raven in the teaser video. "When I feel the darkness come out, it feels good."

Now whether or not this darkness is actually connected to her special powers, only time can tell. 



Next up is former Batman sidekick, Robin, who in the 'Titans' timeline is no longer an ally of the caped crusader. Instead, the young superhero has emerged out of the shadows to lead this team of fearless heroes assimilated from every corner of the DC Universe.

“He was a hero to me. I admired him at first. But I had to walk away,” Dick Grayson's alter ego says in the video, explaining the reason why he parted ways with Batman. “I was becoming too much like him," the Dark Knight protege adds, before boldly declaring, “f**k Batman.”  



You are not alone if the Starfire promo reminds you of a certain Wolverine. The extraterrestrial hero is experimented upon in a super secretive facility in the clip, alluding to the first memories of Logan, when he was being injected with adamantine.

From the looks of the trailer, there is no doubt about Starfire's powers. What's even more interesting? She can pack in a cheeky line or two. “Where did you say you were from again?” asks Grayson after Starfire flings a fireball. “I didn’t,” she curtly responds.

Beast Boy


Every group has a character filling its quota of tomfoolery. And in team Titans, that fellow seems to be Garfield Logan aka Beast Boy (Ryan Potter). With green-tipped hair and abilities to transform into a monstrous beast at the skip of a heartbeat, the young shape-shifter is surely going to be one to watch out for.

Also, did we mention, he really wants to meet Batman!


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