Meek Mill tries in vain to pull back support to B Simone's plagiarism, upset fans tell him 'sit this one out'

Meek Mill's vain attempts at distancing himself from his earlier defense of B Simone earned him the wrath of fans

                            Meek Mill tries in vain to pull back support to B Simone's plagiarism, upset fans tell him 'sit this one out'
Meek Mill (Brad Barket/Getty Images)

Controversy's favorite child Meek Mill has once again found himself making headlines for all the wrong reasons. After 'Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want' book's author B Simone was accused of plagiarizing excerpts from the book, Meek Mill decided to extend his support to her. He called out the media and internet for their infamous "cancel culture" and pointed out how many big corporations who plagiarize various cultures are let off the hook easily while B Simone is held accountable. 

Mill made it a race issue by urging his followers to support their fellow blacks instead of tearing them down. He tweeted, "B Simone canceled because she finessed a book and made her way from the bottom lol what major companies y’all cancel for ripping our culture off? finding ways to display hate towards our own when they start doing good is showing amongst us a lot!" In another follow-up tweet, he revealed that he didn't even know what the author did but he was tired of seeing "blacks canceling blacks".

As soon as social media users caught wind of Mill extending his support to an author who reportedly plagiarized many excerpts in her bestselling book from several unknown authors, they began calling the rapper out. Mill, then decided to pull back his support by sharing a link to a magazine story's link about his statements supporting B Simone. He called out the magazine for emphasizing on B Simone and the plagiarism issue, instead of highlighting his stance on Breonna Taylor. He wrote, "Y’all coulda reposted my Breonna Taylor post too cause this one a waste of time!" 

However, users were far from appeased by their favorite rapper's actions. Many of his followers called him out for even extending his support to the author in the first place. A fan tweeted, "You are the one posting about something you shouldn’t even comment on considering you are the same one that had the audacity to call @Drake for having a ghostwriter back then but now it’s different in B. Simone’s case? Make it make sense. Do you hear yourself? SMH."

Another user shared, "Also I’m all for supporting one another but not blindly... she clearly wrong as f**k plagiarized multiple women and profited from it, which was done to us many times throughout history so we know how wrong it is." A fan added, "Meek, sweetie, we see what you doing and I personally love the empathy you’re displaying however I feel that maybe you should sit this one out?"

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