'MeatEater': Steven struggles to take a perfect shot at Wyoming's mule deer due to extreme winter conditions

Steven Rinella goes on a hunt for Wyoming's mule deer but the extreme winter condititons affect his hunt

                            'MeatEater': Steven struggles to take a perfect shot at Wyoming's mule deer due to extreme winter conditions
Steven Rinella (Netflix)

Steven Rinella is always ready to go on a hunt, but one thing he does not do is plan. After spending several years hunting, Steven has understood that sometimes, hunting can take an unexpected route. With no concrete evidence about finding the animal on the first day to uncertainty surrounding the weather, Steven has prepared himself to face the unexpected.

This ideology of his proved to be helpful when he went to Wyoming to hunt mule deer. Steven had the company of his friends Janes Putelis and Adam Weatherby, who too, was looking forward to hunting a good mule deer. The first thing that the boys did was to find their horses and start their journey. Since mule deer often took shelter up in the mountains, it was necessary for all of them to make their way up to the mountain in the hope of finding an area that would prove to be a perfect shot for hunting. 

Steven knew that one thing that horses can identify is fear. Seeing how the pathway to the top of the mountain was uneven, Steven knew it was important for him to trust his horse and let him lead the way. As he managed to find a spot that might be good for shooting, he decided to put down his tools and wait for the right time. Unfortunately, he was not able to spot any mule deer. 

Seeing how the winter was getting colder, Steven thought it would be best to go to different areas and try to find a mule for hunting. While everyone agreed, they were unable to land on anything on the first day of the hunt. The boys then decided to step out again on the second day. 

However, heavy fog due to extreme winter made it hard for them to see. Despite this, they decided to carry on as they thought some of the mule deers might see this as an opportunity to come out. It proved to be a good day for Adam as he managed to shoot a mule deer that weighed around 75lbs.

Adam knew that he had hit a jackpot. Seeing how his companion had managed to hunt, Steven felt the pressure of finding one for himself. After a lot of searching, Steven also managed to hunt a deer for himself. The boys ended the day by cooking the meat around a bonfire and having a gala time. 

'MeatEater' is streaming now on 'Netflix'. 

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